Super Bowl 52 Hangover: Philly Foods


Congrats to the Philadelphia Eagles for winning the Super Bowl, pero anong bang foods sikat ang lugar na ito?


With the Philadelphia Eagles taking home their first ever Super Bowl Championship, we decided to give homage to the city by going deeper to their back kitchen to discover the foods that made this city so awesome.

Here are the top foods Philly is famous for:

1. Philly Cheesesteak – you don’t put your name on it if its not good, greasy, savory sandwiches with caramelized onions, its dinner and hangover cure in one!

2. Hoagie – this is their version of a sub sandwich made from Italian cold cuts, refreshing and savory, this sub is for you.

3. Pretzel – Pennsylvania is the birth place of the the American Pretzel Industry, and produces 80% of the pretzel in the USA.

4. Herr’s Potato Chips – the company was established in 1941 and was later sold for $1,750, Today it makes millions, talk about a good investment.

5. TastyKake – is a true Philly dessert, They bake 130 Million a year or 500,000 per day pieces of their most popular product, The Peanut Butter Kandy Kake. Per day, they bake almost 4.8 Million products. That’s Kake Galore!

6. Peanut Chews – for more than 90 years, this is Philly number 1 choco-peanut bar.

7. Peeps – for 10 years now, Peeps is the number non-chocolate Easter Candy.

8. Philadelphia Cream Cheese – No bagel should be eaten without it, creamy and savory, this cream cheese will elevate any sandwich, burger or dish.

There you have it, foods that makes you think of Philadelphia, so the next time you wanted to mental flash back of Super Bowl 52, have yourselves these foods and enjoy the show. Cheers!


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