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WHOA! Pure Russian ingenuity at its finest! It’s so SMART you owe to yourself to do it!

We don’t know not a single word of Russian but with this video we found, you can almost taste the genius of this contraption.

This is just amazing,  by the end of the video you will feel heading to your nearest hardware store. Stop for a bottle of pepsi and a can of coke. Astig din yung product placement. We cant blame the guy, sa sobrang panalo ng device baka nga naman i-adopt ng mga companies to. And that means $Ka-CHING$… No one said they hate money but this Kebab maker is an instant classic and a must do! Cheers!

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Think Your Drinking Stories Are Wild? Think Again

Photo by Earth and World

Most of us have drunk stories and funny escapades involving alcohol.

Inakyat ang bakod kasi late na kayong bumalik sa bahay? Check. Nakatulog sa banyo? Check. Nagtry sumugod sa dagat para iligtas si Nemo? Check.

But what a lot of people don’t know, that if you think your experiences are wild, far outrageous things actually happened in history thanks to booze.

Alcohol helped elect George Washington.

Photo by Study Breaks Magazine

George Washington ran for office in 1755 but was unsuccessful.  Two years later, he ran again. But this time, he came prepared.

He used the entirety of his campaign funds to buy 144 gallons of beer, cider, punch and wine for the voters.  It turns out that bribing people with alcohol in exchange for their votes was extremely common until the 18th century. People came to voting precincts not only to elect officials, they came to get wasted and start fights. Amazing.

Photo by The British Library

Philippine politicians, take note po.

Alcohol caused Persepolis to burn down. Alexander the Great loved conquering… and alcohol.

Photo by Zoroastrian Heritage

While he probably did stupid things while drunk, nothing could have surpassed his poor decisions regarding Persepolis.

The night after he had successfully taken hold of the city, he and his men held a celebration. The drunk Alexander the Great thought, “Yo! Mga pre, let’s burn the city down. Hehehe ” Which was strange considering that the whole place now belonged to him.

Not only was Persepolis lost, massive collections of historical information about the city and Persia were destroyed in the fire.

Imagine waking up from a hangover the next day and find that you have destroyed the city you fought hard for to own. Yikes.

Alcohol helped build the pyramids.

Photo by Ancient Egypt

It is not a common knowledge but beer was in fact involved with the construction of the great pyramids in Egypt.

Beer was already in existence during that time and was highly popular with Egyptians. So popular that pyramid workers were given beer as a part of their work payment.

Photo by Foodal

This payment of alcohol was actually quite common in Egypt from 2686 to 2181 BCE. It was everyone’s favorite drink and motivated them to turn great ideas into reality… like the giant pyramids.


Wine Bathing: Get Drunk On Vinotherapy

Photo by Indiana Uplands Wine Trail

Oops! Teka lang. Before you get too excited, let’s make one thing clear: Vinotherapy doesn’t actually mean that you get to soak in your favorite drink.

Sad, di ba?

Unlike beer bathing, which is exactly what is says on its name, traditional vinotherapy involves rubbing leftover stuff from wine-making (like stems and seeds) onto your skin for exfoliation.

It doesn’t literally mean na kailangan mong magprepare ng isang tub ng red wine. Pouring red wine into your bathwater isn’t effective so put that bottle down!

The alcohol content will remove moisture from your skin and leave it dehydrated. It will also won’t provide you with the supposed health benefits from vinotherapy.

Photo by World of Cruising

Rather than actual baths, red wine baths are spa treatments that use products containing wine grape extracts. Grape seed oil is a powerful ingredient, ten times better at smoothing away wrinkles and keeping skin healthy than vitamin E oil. The skin, the pulp, the seeds, and red vine leaf essences are teeming with highly effective antioxidants that gets absorbed into the skin and promotes anti-aging as well as stopping cancer cells from forming.  They are also said to be good for the stamina and longevity.

Because of the presented health benefits, many spas and wellness centers are offering vinotherapy sessions. Some creative establishments even found ways to bring products from red wine grapes into their menus.

Bongga, di ba? You can drink red wine, eat dishes infused with its byproducts, and exfoliate your skin while absorbing its nutrients. Soak up all the health benefits it can offer, both inside and out, as you relax and regenerate your skin cells.

If you love wine, you would probably also enjoy to pampering yourself with its antioxidant-rich byproducts. What else can we say? Cheers!

By Kat Cabasan

Healthy Choices: Pick Your Drinks Wisely

Photo by Gizmodo UK

Marami sa atin, hindi maiiwasang uminom as a form of socialization or stress-release.

And we all know that kung masosobrahan, there’s bound to be consequences. Too much and too often, we take in things that can negatively impact our health.

Some studies will encourage moderate alcohol consumption, citing potential health benefits, while others completely demands its removal from everyone’s diets, accusing it of causing various risks and diseases.

Without a doubt, alcohol will have an effect on your body regardless of amount and type. While an occasional drink will have barely produce significant changes, more than one glass can per session can.

If you want to watch out for your health but refuse to completely cut off on alcohol intake, what is there to consider?

Drink mindfully.

Photo by Dreamstime

Be aware of the alcohol content of your drink. The higher the content, the more you will consume per serving.

Consider your drink as an accompaniment to food.

Photo by Groupon

Let it be an enhancement but not the main course.

Pair your alcohol with softdrinks, juice, water, etc.

Photo by Daily Mail

This will help you fill up quicker while reducing alcohol consumption and replenishing your body with fluids.

Choose wisely.

Photo by Drinkable Reno

Premixed drinks are high in sugar, artificial sweeteners, and additives. Most of the time, they taste sweet so it is easy to consume more than you planned.

Dry wines are originally made from fruit but most of its sugar is converted into alcohol during fermentation.

Photo by Nicoink

Red wine is rich in resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant, but in order to reap its full benefits, you need a very significant amount. Dark red berries and grapes can do the job more efficiently.

Photo by Vincarta

White wine contain less alcohol than red wine.

Photo by Vistazo

Rosé and other dessert wines tastes sweeter but contain more calories.

Photo by Wine Cooler Direcct

Vodka is lower in calories than mixers.

Photo by VinePair

Beers are very high in carbs and sugar. It will impact your blood sugar levels significantly.

Photo by The Kansas City Star

Hard spirits like gin, whiskey, and tequila are usually served straight. They don’t contain addictives and have the least calories. Mix in a little lime or lemon juice if you’re craving for some sweetness.  

Photo by VinePair

By Kat Cabasan

A Refreshing Drink Garnished With… A HUMAN TOE?!

Photo by The Plaid Zebra

Kung akala mo, wala nang hihigit pa sa pagkacreepy ng Gilpin’s Family Whisky, stop right there. You probably haven’t heard of the Sourtoe Cocktail yet.

The Sourtoe Cocktail has been haunting people in Dawson city since 1973. And no, we’re not bluffing. It really is a human toe at the bottom of that drink.

Photo by LadyHobo

Dehydrated and salted to be preserved, the toe is used as a garnish for whatever drink it is you order.


They said that the original toe belonged to someone named Louie Liken who had it amputated after getting frostbit. For some reason, he decided to keep it in a jar of alcohol that ended up being found by someone called Dick Stevenson. Stevenson brought it with him to a saloon where he plunked it into the drinks of many unfortunate souls as a test of bravery.

The toe only lasted for seven years. The reason? A young man tried to break a Sourtoe record and ended up swallowing the toe. It was never recovered. Sad no?

Fortunately for the bar and unfortunately for its more sensitive patrons, several more toes were donated to continue the tradition.

Each toe had its own disturbing backstory.

The second toe was amputated because of a growth of corn that was impossibly to remove.

The third toe was lost to someone who suffered from frostbite and was lost after being accidentally swallowed by a customer.

The fourth toe was an anonymous donations that was later taken by a thief.

The fifth and sixth toes were both from a man who requested free drinks for his nurses.

The seventh toe was given anonymously and simply bore a message suggesting that it was accidentally cut off while the owner was mowing the lawn.

In 2013, new rules were enforced after a man deliberately swallowed the toe that was served to him

In 2017, the toe was stolen and later mailed back to the bar.

Phew. Kung akala niyo, wild na ang drinks with a preserved human toe, mas wild pala ang history nito.

And for the past 27 years, marami mang nagbagong recipes and rules, one thing remains the same, absolute and unbroken.

You can drink it fast, you can drink it slow—but the lips have gotta touch the toe.

By Kat Cabasan

Disgusting But True: This Whisky Is Made From Human Urine

Photo by Despoke

Ever thought about drinking something made from someone’s urine? No?

Then we can only imagine what was going through artist James Gilpin’s mind when he decided to collect pee from people and turn it into whisky.

Yes. I know. Just hearing about it makes you think, “Malakas ata ang tama ng taong ‘to.”

Pero how did this project happen and how did he achieve his desired results?

Large amounts of sugar is passed out by diabetic patients on a daily basis. So much sugar is excreted that the toilets they use regularly developed unusually big colonies of mold and bacteria that feed on it.

Photo by Healthline

And kung akala mo, processing urine into whisky is bad, you’d be surprised (and disgusted) where Gilpin found his inspiration.

Apparently, he got the idea after hearing about about a pharmaceutical company that collected the urine of elderly people and filtered it, removing chemicals from it and purified it into a concentrated form that can be sold in pharmacies.

Photo by Livemint

Yes. Binebenta nila ulit ang mga nakocollect nilang traces ng chemicals. Bongga!

Gilpin cleaned urine by letting it undergo water purification techniques and collected sugar molecules that formed into crystals. The crystals are then added to the mash used to create whisky in order to accelerate fermentation.

Photo by Wilderness Mastery

According its creator, the so-called Gilpin Family Whisky was conceptualized to make a statement about how serious diabetes is and the everyday problems that comes with it. He also wants people “consider this break from our genetic norms as a state of enhancement and not just an illness in need of constant attention.”

The creation was intended to be a public engagement piece and an educational tool.

Pero ikaw rin, if you think you are daring enough to ask for a taste of whisky with an infusion of human urine, you do you. We will try not to judge… too hard.

By Kat Cabasan

Pulutang Pilipino: Fear Factor or Inuman?

Photo by dreamstime.com

Alam naman nating chicharon, sisig, at iba’t ibang luto ng baboy ang kadalasang nakalapag  pag may inuman. Pero paano naman kung you’re feeling a little… adventurous.

Labas na muna ang exotic foreign dishes. Let’s try something a little closer to home and look around the Philippines for some particularly interesting dishes na ginagawang partner sa inuman ng mga tambay sa tagayan.


For those who are wondering what are kamaru/kamaro exactly? Crickets.

Photo by Grist

The crickets are cleaned by removing their wings, legs, and heads before cooking. According to those who tried this mildly disturbing delicacy, it tastes like a bitter-salty piece of shrimp.

Considered a snack in Kapampangan, it boasts of delivering a crunchy exterior that gives way to juicy interior once you bite into it. Though they are mostly served fried, they can also be prepared in several different ways like inadobo or gently boiled in soy sauce and vinegar.

June Bugs

Photo by Choose Philippines

June bugs or salagubang is usually fried and served as an appetizer or pulutan. Sometimes, people prefer them to be cooked like adobo and topped on rice. This treat is particularly popular in areas like Nueva Ecija.


Beetle larvae

Photo by Wattalyf

Called uok in Rizal, this ingredient is prepared like any adobo and then paired with rice and tomatoes. Some restaurants in Angono even has this as part of their menu!


Ant eggs

Photo by Alibaba

Ant eggs or abuos as the Ilocanos call it, is surprisingly expensive. Looking like some kind of seed, abuos are often sautéed in spices or prepared inadobo. Some particularly brave souls like to eat these ant eggs raw.

Stuffed frogs

Photo by Steemit

Frog legs are already well-known as a dish commonly prepared in less urbanized area. However, the Betute tugak dish from Pampanga is on a whole new level. Stuffed with ground pork and spices, the frogs are then deep-fried and served.


Photo by UPEPP-Beautiful Disaster

We’re not talking about domesticated mice here. Those are rodents that are potentially dangerous to consume or get exposed to.

Kung gusto mo ng pulutang daga, you need to get field mice. They are clean and free of the dangers house mice carry. Also, a lot of people from provincial areas are already familiar with the idea of cooking and eating them so you will find a lot of suggestions on how to prepare and cook field mice. What does these rodents taste like? “Lasang manok.”

By Kat Cabasan

Beer Baths: Enjoy Beer in a Totally Different Way

Photo by Revolution

Love drinking beer? Why not try to bathe in it too?

Photo by Bohemian Brews

That’s right.  Instead na inumin lang ang favorite mong beer, subukan mo namang maligo dito. Then, you can enjoy having it in two different ways, di ba? Winner!

But wait. Who does this anyway? Di ba sayang naman ang beer? Ano naman ba makuha mo sa paliligo mo dito? And is there any proof to these claims?

Beer bathing actually isn’t new. It was already around two thousand years ago, when ancient Egyptians and Romans considered it a necessary part of their beauty routine. They believed it made their skin smooth and evened out their skin tone.

In modern Europe, specifically in the Czech Republic and Germany, beer bathing is considered a method to remove toxins from the body. They also claim that it improves blood circulation and clears up clogged pores. As an additional step to aid the health, may beer spas provide a supply of beer to drink while soaking in a tub.

Photo by Kegerator Learning Center

Beer allegedly helps heal damaged skin cells. Barley, hops, and yeasts added in during beer-making is said to be abundant in polyphenols, compounds that have powerful antioxidant properties. Additionally, hops are known to calm the nerves so beer spas are highly recommended to those with anxiety or insomnia.

It is also said to be good for skin conditions such as eczema, contact dermatitis, pigmentary disorders, and skin infections. The same compounds that are considered good antioxidants are also shown to possess anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties as well.

Beer is also reported to be a good weapon against blemishes and acne. So next time, bago ka tumagay, try mo munang ihilamos. Sikreto ng mga gwapo. 😉

Some people claim that beer baths reduces wrinkles, exfoliates the skin, and improves its elasticity. It also hydrates the skin and helps maintain a healthy pH balance. Barley contained in most beers have compounds that quickly and visibly encourages collagen production, leading to reduced aging signs and improved skin texture.

The warm, soothing water in beer baths opens the pores and loosens the dirt, helping the components in beer work its magic more effectively.

Photo by Pamper.My

And if you never tried shampooing your hair with beer, you should. Beer is actually known to condition your hair and give it volume. Just mix a cup of beer in your shampoo bottle and lather in into your hair. The smell goes away gradually as your hair dries so you won’t get any weird looks throughout the day.

The next time you crack open a cold one, think of the possible benefits you get from soaking in it instead. Easing stress and fatigue, beer baths are your escape to achieve complete mental and physical relaxation.

By Kat Cabasan

THE WAIT IS OVER, Mayochup to hit stores!


Yung “secret sauce” ni Jaleeby now available in squeeze bottles.

Related image

Its the classic mayo and ketchup combo, fancy sauce or if you’re from the Philippines, the secret sauce of the best fast food chain known to a Filipino used in their burgers. Now, by the end of September, Heinz would finally launched their Mayochup in stores such as Walmart in  the United States. Selling at $3.49 or P188.86 SRP.

Saan masarap kaya gamitin ang Heinz Mayochup?

  • burgers
  • fried chicken
  • chicken nuggets
  • Steak
  • vegetables
  • fried fish
  • sushi and maki
  • maski sa sinigang if youre up for it
  • i would gladly use some for adobo and lechon
  • but we believe it could go well with sisig
  • and chicharon
  • but would be awesome with Litsong Kawali

The list can go over and over, but one thing is for sure, Mayochup is here to stay. Cheers!