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A whisky with myth,  tradition and romance,  sulit  kaya sa $1.1Million?

Its  a  bottle of the “Holy Grail of Whisky”,  The Macallan Valerio Adami 1926 60-year-old. One  of   only 24  bottles  in production, its  part of the 12 bottles with pop artist Valerio Adami was commissioned to design the label. It was in a cask for 60 years before it was bottled and labelled with the Macallan  Tradition.

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Sa  halagang, Php 60Million or  a whopping P857,143 per centiliter medyo mauuna ang hangover mo kesa sa amats mo. But if you truly are a serious whisky collector, this is the peak of your collection. Prestige, rarity and quality… Its like picking Micheal Jordan, Lebron James and Shaquille O’neal in a do-over draft em in their prime league.

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With one bottle sold in Hong Kong, one smashed in a quake in Japan and another  consumed; there are only 20 bottles left with Macallan. Pagnanalo ka ba lotto, bibili ka ba ng isa? dalawa?! Cheers!!!

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Godzilla Gyoza Challenge


Hinde sya imposible, pero hinde din sya biro…

Weighing at 5.5 kilos or equivalent sa isang taong sanggol, this gyoza is the biggest in Japan, maybe in the whole world. And you have one hour to eat it all or you pay $100 or Php5,400 or almost one thousand pesos per kilo ng gyoza. Its equal to 100 pieces of gyoza at P55  per piece.

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Given the risk and glory involve, kaya eh but the  risk  of  over paying for a gyoza kills the purpose of this challenge for us.  There is no such thing as a Php 1,000 per kilo gyoza and kung meron man, this is not it,  unless if they use wagyu beef in the stuffing  then all gloves are off. In food, we dont mind paying extra  if the food  is worth it. Cheers!




There are holidays  na  kailangan talaga bagay ang  pulutan sa celebrations and nothings comes  close to Halloween  when  it  comes  to  food  dressed for  the occasion.

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This is a   recipe  for Bloody Mary Bat Wings  pero kalma  lang ang  mga animal lovers,  lalo na the creepy  kind. No actual bats were cooked for  this video we  found. Chicken  wings were used marinated in buffalo  sauce with black  food dye. Dun pa lang Petmalu na.  Bigla pang nag-level up with injections of  Bloody Mary Sauce just to  make it graphic and realistic. San ka  pa? Try nyo na to kapuluts! Cheers!

This is what P54,000++ Dinner Look Like…


Whoever wins the lotto can surely afford this dinner…

With the Philippine Lotto 6/58 prize hitting record breaking highs, P750 MILLION as of this article, its time we see a glimpse of what we can afford if we win that jackpot.

This video we found is about a meal which is a little bit affordable, IF you win that jackpot. But for mere mortals that earns a basic salary, this is astronomical. At P54,000++, this is somewhat a two months salaries worth. The meal had plenty of courses and is well paired with booze, white and red wine on this video. Though it may seem that the portioning was more suitable for cats, small portions, we sensed that it packs a hell of a punch in flavors and textures. Its easy to detect if the two couple in the video were faking it, this is food so that outburst of emotions, facial reactions and orgasmic outcries are 100% for us legit. Not to mention that the ingredients they have utilized and the skills involve in creating this masterpiece is Michelin Star worthy. Would you pay this amount to experience this meal, or does winning the lottery a step one before indulging this? Cheers!

BBQ Can Chicken, Which is the Best??!


Here’s a experiment you can do at home… and its delicious!

We at Pulutan Club are out in the prowl in the internet universe to provide you with the most intriguing videos you may do at home to level up your pulutan skills.

On this video, three types of can beverages: Beer, Wine and Cola, which is the best liquid to generate that extra umph to your roasted chicken, pinatayo sa lata style. Though the original may have an edge on familiarity, the sweet notes of the cola may add a silver lining for those kainuman with a bit of a sweet tooth. And dont shy away from the wine,  its robust flavor profile coupled with the complexities of its tartness and savoriness may earn your chicken that winning distinct flavor. Are you up for this experiment? Share your experience with us. Cheers!



WHOA! Pure Russian ingenuity at its finest! It’s so SMART you owe to yourself to do it!

We don’t know not a single word of Russian but with this video we found, you can almost taste the genius of this contraption.

This is just amazing,  by the end of the video you will feel heading to your nearest hardware store. Stop for a bottle of pepsi and a can of coke. Astig din yung product placement. We cant blame the guy, sa sobrang panalo ng device baka nga naman i-adopt ng mga companies to. And that means $Ka-CHING$… No one said they hate money but this Kebab maker is an instant classic and a must do! Cheers!

Make This KICKASS Shirt Yours…



Sa dami-dami ng mayayabang sa inuman, pagpinagsabay-sabay mo silang  lahat, talo pa ang bagyo. But there should be an easy way to claim a title or brag subtly but still packs  the big punch.

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Buti nalang, here in Pulutan.Club, we think of these situations so you  don’t have  to and just because we have plenty  of    time  make  your lives  a bit  more  fun  and  less  stressful.  Make your mark  more easy and to stake your claim more fashionably than ever with these  PULUTAN  CLUB SHIRTS you could rock  anywhere   and  be  recognize by the   craft  your  most  fond  off,  Tomador Par  Excellence.

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There are designs to come out soon, just click HERE to order your now.

Think Your Drinking Stories Are Wild? Think Again

Photo by Earth and World

Most of us have drunk stories and funny escapades involving alcohol.

Inakyat ang bakod kasi late na kayong bumalik sa bahay? Check. Nakatulog sa banyo? Check. Nagtry sumugod sa dagat para iligtas si Nemo? Check.

But what a lot of people don’t know, that if you think your experiences are wild, far outrageous things actually happened in history thanks to booze.

Alcohol helped elect George Washington.

Photo by Study Breaks Magazine

George Washington ran for office in 1755 but was unsuccessful.  Two years later, he ran again. But this time, he came prepared.

He used the entirety of his campaign funds to buy 144 gallons of beer, cider, punch and wine for the voters.  It turns out that bribing people with alcohol in exchange for their votes was extremely common until the 18th century. People came to voting precincts not only to elect officials, they came to get wasted and start fights. Amazing.

Photo by The British Library

Philippine politicians, take note po.

Alcohol caused Persepolis to burn down. Alexander the Great loved conquering… and alcohol.

Photo by Zoroastrian Heritage

While he probably did stupid things while drunk, nothing could have surpassed his poor decisions regarding Persepolis.

The night after he had successfully taken hold of the city, he and his men held a celebration. The drunk Alexander the Great thought, “Yo! Mga pre, let’s burn the city down. Hehehe ” Which was strange considering that the whole place now belonged to him.

Not only was Persepolis lost, massive collections of historical information about the city and Persia were destroyed in the fire.

Imagine waking up from a hangover the next day and find that you have destroyed the city you fought hard for to own. Yikes.

Alcohol helped build the pyramids.

Photo by Ancient Egypt

It is not a common knowledge but beer was in fact involved with the construction of the great pyramids in Egypt.

Beer was already in existence during that time and was highly popular with Egyptians. So popular that pyramid workers were given beer as a part of their work payment.

Photo by Foodal

This payment of alcohol was actually quite common in Egypt from 2686 to 2181 BCE. It was everyone’s favorite drink and motivated them to turn great ideas into reality… like the giant pyramids.


Wine Bathing: Get Drunk On Vinotherapy

Photo by Indiana Uplands Wine Trail

Oops! Teka lang. Before you get too excited, let’s make one thing clear: Vinotherapy doesn’t actually mean that you get to soak in your favorite drink.

Sad, di ba?

Unlike beer bathing, which is exactly what is says on its name, traditional vinotherapy involves rubbing leftover stuff from wine-making (like stems and seeds) onto your skin for exfoliation.

It doesn’t literally mean na kailangan mong magprepare ng isang tub ng red wine. Pouring red wine into your bathwater isn’t effective so put that bottle down!

The alcohol content will remove moisture from your skin and leave it dehydrated. It will also won’t provide you with the supposed health benefits from vinotherapy.

Photo by World of Cruising

Rather than actual baths, red wine baths are spa treatments that use products containing wine grape extracts. Grape seed oil is a powerful ingredient, ten times better at smoothing away wrinkles and keeping skin healthy than vitamin E oil. The skin, the pulp, the seeds, and red vine leaf essences are teeming with highly effective antioxidants that gets absorbed into the skin and promotes anti-aging as well as stopping cancer cells from forming.  They are also said to be good for the stamina and longevity.

Because of the presented health benefits, many spas and wellness centers are offering vinotherapy sessions. Some creative establishments even found ways to bring products from red wine grapes into their menus.

Bongga, di ba? You can drink red wine, eat dishes infused with its byproducts, and exfoliate your skin while absorbing its nutrients. Soak up all the health benefits it can offer, both inside and out, as you relax and regenerate your skin cells.

If you love wine, you would probably also enjoy to pampering yourself with its antioxidant-rich byproducts. What else can we say? Cheers!

By Kat Cabasan

Healthy Choices: Pick Your Drinks Wisely

Photo by Gizmodo UK

Marami sa atin, hindi maiiwasang uminom as a form of socialization or stress-release.

And we all know that kung masosobrahan, there’s bound to be consequences. Too much and too often, we take in things that can negatively impact our health.

Some studies will encourage moderate alcohol consumption, citing potential health benefits, while others completely demands its removal from everyone’s diets, accusing it of causing various risks and diseases.

Without a doubt, alcohol will have an effect on your body regardless of amount and type. While an occasional drink will have barely produce significant changes, more than one glass can per session can.

If you want to watch out for your health but refuse to completely cut off on alcohol intake, what is there to consider?

Drink mindfully.

Photo by Dreamstime

Be aware of the alcohol content of your drink. The higher the content, the more you will consume per serving.

Consider your drink as an accompaniment to food.

Photo by Groupon

Let it be an enhancement but not the main course.

Pair your alcohol with softdrinks, juice, water, etc.

Photo by Daily Mail

This will help you fill up quicker while reducing alcohol consumption and replenishing your body with fluids.

Choose wisely.

Photo by Drinkable Reno

Premixed drinks are high in sugar, artificial sweeteners, and additives. Most of the time, they taste sweet so it is easy to consume more than you planned.

Dry wines are originally made from fruit but most of its sugar is converted into alcohol during fermentation.

Photo by Nicoink

Red wine is rich in resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant, but in order to reap its full benefits, you need a very significant amount. Dark red berries and grapes can do the job more efficiently.

Photo by Vincarta

White wine contain less alcohol than red wine.

Photo by Vistazo

Rosé and other dessert wines tastes sweeter but contain more calories.

Photo by Wine Cooler Direcct

Vodka is lower in calories than mixers.

Photo by VinePair

Beers are very high in carbs and sugar. It will impact your blood sugar levels significantly.

Photo by The Kansas City Star

Hard spirits like gin, whiskey, and tequila are usually served straight. They don’t contain addictives and have the least calories. Mix in a little lime or lemon juice if you’re craving for some sweetness.  

Photo by VinePair

By Kat Cabasan