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How to “Flip” the Chinese National Dish?


These ducks are not FAKE.. their Peking Duck.. (Dad joke, sue me!)

Peking Duck is China’s National dish but how do they prepare, cook and serve this glorious pulu-nam (pulutan/ulam)?

Image result for making crispy peking duck

We bumped into this video and we thought it might inspire some of our kapuluts to put a Filipino twist into this Chinese National Dish. At least man dito, maka-conquer tayo maski pa-isa’t isa. Unlike our national dish, adobo, roasted duck takes a mirage of steps and preparation from the time it is prepared to the way they cook and serve it. This recipe is high in fat, as the duck offers on red meat. Best consumed with a hard drink to break down some of its grease. Each bite showcases a complex flavor and texture brought about by the process and procedure of its cooking and type of plating it is presented. Now, how do we “Flip” this dish as our own? Share your ideas on the comments sections. Cheers!

Can You FINISH 4 Kgs of Pasta???


Pagtag-ulan talaga ang sarap LUMAMON!

There’s an endless ideas for food challenge in the world and specially in Japan where in they churn out fresh ideas by the truck load.

Image result for stamina taro spaghetti challenge

This video we found is about a new challenge in Stamina Taro in Tokyo, Japan. A large burger patty is topped with 4 pounds of freshly cooked spaghetti, 4 thick slabs of pork belly and 4 large trunks of pork cutlet, amounting to 8.5 pounds of food. The challenge is to consume the mega dish in 30 minutes, successful challengers are rewarded Y50, 000 Japanese Yen or Php 23, 816.39, that’s more than a month’s salary. Are you up for the challenge? Cheers!

Man’s Bestfriend has a new Brew…


Who needs annoying human friends when you can get buzzed with a true friend?

There’s always a good reason why they’re called Man’s Bestfriend. And these adds another notch on their belt.

Related image

Dogs are for always more than pets to their human owners. They’re our bro, our buster, our hombre, our companion, and for even lovers for some. That’s why we always try our best to make them happy and contented. We buy them almost anything that could make them a little less as a dog but a little more like a human.

Image result for beer for your dog

So it was not a surprised that we discovered a beer for dogs. But its not actually a beer, which for us defeats the purpose of calling it a beer for dogs. It has a beer like bottle and label but again its not real beer since beer gets our furry friends sick and more gassy that they ought to be. So don’t fool yourself buying this not at all beer for dogs. If you must drink with the bros and a bro is not available. Give your bro dog some milk and drink your beer. That will always solve your fix without fooling yourself. Cheers!

Sir, your BALLS are showing…


We thank our good friend Jerome for sharing this video… His totally a exercise nut!

What you’re about to see is, we hope was not real, but it is. This is the Iron Crotch Exercise or the Metal/Golden Cicada Exercise done to make the testicles immune to kicks and punches.

It is also done to improve sperm count and testosterone production. An added benefit of the exercise is it ensures good blood flow not only to the testicles, but also to the penis, which is why sometimes this type of training is promoted as a means to make it easier getting and keeping erections. We wonder if it really works and we’re asking for volunteers for the purpose of trying it and we haven’t heard from anyone. So if you know someone tag him on the comments section below. Cheers!

These Braised Beef Short Rib is to DIE FOR…


Short Ribs that falls off the bone and leave you dying..

We can’t stress it any harder, Braised Short Ribs should always fall off the bone. But with this recipe we found, we’re more worried if these ribs can see the bright of day.

We found this video recipe of Braised Beef Short Rib and we know its going to be an instant hit. The ingredients are simple and the instruction is easy. We’re not happy about the wait up period but we figured its free time to work up the appetite and down a few beers. Surely, its time well spent before attacking these ribs. Cheers!

New Way of Cooking Eggs…


Moveover Kwek Kwek, there’s a new way of cooking eggs and its healthier too…

Kwek-kwek is a Filipino street food where you deep fried boiled eggs coated with orange batter and served with diced cucumber and sweet ‘n spicy vinegar dip.

Since the fried batter will almost always soak up extra oil, this is not healthy (as if we’re really health conscious), fortunately we found a healthier option in Thailand with their steamed and grilled omelet in egg shell.  This video we found shows us the recipe of the dish that is served with fresh greens to truly embrace that healthy vibe. Would you try this recipe for pulutan? Cheers!

Crab Bricks FOOD PORN!


If this doesn’t make you reach for a reservation to the nearest Unli Crab resto, nothing will…

Ahhhh… Crabs… One of the most sought after seafood in the world. Eating crabs will surely jack up that good vibe feels and stave off any negative thoughts.

We found this video and we pretty sure this will make you book a reservation to the nearest seafood resto near you. The freshness of this crabs are so vivid, we had to wipe off our laptop screens from all that excessive saliva. The way these crabs were cooked was just perfect to allow the flavor of the crabs to be magnified. Hell, we’re just watching it and we feel like ordering extra rice. This is CRAB-terific! Cheers!

Ayon sa Japanese legend, kapag hindi ka makatulog sa gabi…


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Ayon sa Japanese legend, kapag hindi ka makatulog sa gabi…

ito ay dahil gising ka!


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Can You Handle the DEATH NOODLES?


This noddles makes Samyang more like a sweet dessert…

Since it went viral, Korea’s Samyang Spicy Noodle Challenge has dominated the ultimate challenges we do during parties, events and get togethers. But a new challenger wants to take the crown.

The Death Noddles in Indonesia or Indomie Pedas Mampus noddles are the spiciest noodles at 20Million Scoville. You can order it at Abang Adek in Jakarta, Indonesia. The name of the resto alone could make any Filipino cringe, it reads like “inaabangan ng mga adek” ang noodles na to. They use a variety of chili that looks like our very own siling labuyo or bullet peppers and each plate gets a mashed version of 100 pieces of the fiery fruit. Are you up for the challenge?

Manmosa in Litro Mugs!!!


Are you ready for these BEHEMOTHS???

Texas is a US state know for big things, big food and now big drinks. This mimosa is huge, it has a whole bottle of champagne in it and a splash of orange juice. Perfect for brunch and during summer when the weather will suits fine with the refreshing and citrus flavor of this drink.

Here’s a simple cocktail recipe for mimosa:

Image result for manmosa