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Today’s featured katanPuluts is FB: SteakMania Manila / IG: @steakmania_mnl by Perry Adiaz.

Here’s their story…

The brand is obviously an homage to pro-wrestling. I have been a fan since Razor Ramon vs Shawn Michaels, and have not missed a single weekly episode since.

As far as my meat products are concerned – expect straight-up premium steak, wagyu & baby back ribs goodness at a price much economical, versus the golden days of dining out and wondering if you can actually hack what that particular restaurant is serving – because I’m telling you, you most likely could with SteakMania (wink). Simply put – if you can “fry”, then you can try. If you can sear, then do not fear.

Our meñu is pretty much step 1-2-3, no frills. More than half of the work has already been done through our meat products. Steak cuts have been seasoned & wet-aged, all you need is butter and a hot skillet. The Wagyu Cubes are so tender, they don’t need complete thawing before searing. Our BBRs have been marinated & pre-cooked, Bourbon-style. Just pop in the oven for 20 minutes, watch an episode of Friends and voila! We got you covered! 😎

How does it relate to pro-wrestling? I have no clue except for the fancy catchphrases I get to include in our social media posts.

Over glasses of Moscato during the 1st GCQ era – calling it era coz they end, and may reappear again every so often – a friend has been discussing how she has transitioned her income generation from professional make-up styling to selling frozen meat products. Another friend who was present in that session, a mother of 3, who recently gave birth, sells whatever she can get her hands on online. Another set of friends not within that circle has been very successful with their Sushi Bake business.

While I, for weeks have been sitting in my WFH desk wondering why do I sit in long meetings when I literally have more time in my hands now more than ever (versus when we were reporting in the office), I have no kids (gay with a long time partner and 3 Doxies) and still employed (to fund any business I can afford). I love steaks, I workout = protein gains. The rest of the conversation is in between those glasses of Moscato.

We PROMISE tender, juicy, tasty, affordable premium RIB-EYE & T-BONE steak cuts; melts-in-your-mouth WAGYU CUBES and falls-off-the-bone BABY BACK RIBS goodness.

With excellent marbling, our choice steak cuts are grass-fed & wet-aged to give the tenderness & top flavor of how a premium steak should be.

Did we say tender?? 😉

Must try and recommendations?
My favorite of course, the Saikoro Wagyu Beef Cubes. I keep telling you they are so tender, they literally melt in your mouth. But don’t take my word for it. You have to try it.

Online. FB – SteakMania Manila. IG – @steakmania_mnl

Anywhere between 12PM-9PM except Sundays. Visit our social media channels and send us a message.

FB – SteakMania Manila. IG – @steakmania_mnl

Did we say tender???

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