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More than Half a Million Pesos to Name your New Born – KFC


ITS Php 583,000 +++, Would you do it?

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All you have to do is name your newborn, Harland as in COL. HARLAND  SANDERS, the creator of the Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Yes, this guy below:

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But its not easy, your kid preferably a boy (coz, God bless your soul if you name Harland to a baby girl… #scarredforlife) should be born on September 9, the same birthday as the Colonel himself. The price is actually $11,000 US Dollars in tribute for the 11 ingredients and spices of the famous fried chicken. No body knows how many babies will be awarded with the cash prize on October 9, but its safe to say 2018 will be a year for the HARLANDs… Cheers!

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Ganun ka na ba talaga ka ADVANCE MAG-ISIP???

Filipinos love to take short cuts may it be during travel with all the crazy traffic we have or in the procedures we take. Taking short cuts does have its benefits are saving more time. But would this Beer Ramen hit the right spot?

Related image

This video we found about Beer Ramen is truly misleading, thinking that you could get drunk while enjoying your ramen or curing your last night’s alcohol binge with a ramen with pang-sundot na beer for a sure thing remedy. But sadly, the dish has zero beer involve. It just looks like it. If its a promotional thing, then its more of a novelty. For the rest of us culinary and booze enthusiasts, the day will come that you will have your beer ramen… eat it and get wasted too. Cheers!



With more and more Filipinos opting for healthier options, what does the health-conscious Tomador do? Emperador Distillers Inc. got yo’ back, The BaR Premium Gin is the best choice for healthy Pinoys who wants to have a great time after the daily grind from work or even after hitting the gym.

Gin is made from juniper berries, little dark purple nuggets with superfood powers 💪. These berries can help fight infection and prevent heart disease, improve blood circulation and even help fight kidney and liver disease. It can even help you achieve younger, healthier looking skin as well as keeping your waistline trim.

The New Gin Experience with The BaR Premium Gin comes in three Premium variants: Pink Gin with delicious berries, Green Gin with refreshing zesty lime, and a clear Premium Dry Gin that takes you through the flavorful world of botanicals.

It’s easy to enjoy, a shot or two of any variants of The BaR Premium Gin mixed with tonic water becomes your classic Gin and Tonic (G&T), make it even healthier by replacing your tonic water with club soda (zero calories, zero sugar). The BaR Premium Gin is so versatile that you can mix it with your favorite citrus fruit juices (pineapple, grape fruit, oranges or the classic pomelo) to create your very own martini cocktails. *virtual cheers*

And for Pulutan, one thing comes to mind – Flambé! More about that next time *wink*

Going healthy means investing in premium quality things and that means a lot of money (ka-ching!) but not with The BaR Premium Gin. It is a world-class gin produced by Emperador Distillers which is infused with imported botanicals from Spain, and conveniently priced at Php 95 per 700 ml bottle with 37.5 % ABV (alcohol by volume) for everyone to enjoy.

To be honest, we’re now huge fans of The Bar Pink Gin! No surprise that people all over the world, especially in Europe, are raising their glasses to this trendy Pink drink. ImaGINe (✌) this… afternoon drinks with friends, enjoying light and refreshing The Bar Pink Gin paired with your favorite afternoon delights. This new Gin Experience by The BaR Premium Gin is a unification and celebration of new and old gin lovers with the aim of healthier lives with their favorite spirit. It is truly the Gin for the new Generation. Let’s drink for our health!

The BaR Premium Gin is now available in 7-Eleven. Soon in other leading supermarkets and convenience stores.
Shop online exclusively on Boozy.ph


Check out our GIN jokes from last night’s The BaR Premium Gin Pink Party Launch. Thanks for having us guys!


Pulutan of the Week: Chicken Skin Nachos


You dont want to mess with this killer pulutan…

Chicken Skin, when deep fried, is the most orgasmic snack you will chow down in your life time. But this pulutan, you take it to the next level.

The video we got medyo matrabaho so if you want an easy fix, read on. Sa mga kanto-kanto may nagbebenta ng chicken skin, P10 per pack. Dont check the label, kasi wala talaga. Just make sure that it was cooked clean. Bili ka ng marami, at kung may inuman pakyawin mo na. Then on a pot, melt cheese with all purpose cream. For a better effect, add a few dash of cayenne pepper to the mixture of 125 grams of cheese to 50ml of cream. Pag natunaw na yung cheese, let cool and set aside. Chop ka ng onions, tomatoes at green bell peppers into small cubes. Then sa pag serve, syempre nasa baba yung chicken skin ng plato o bowl, drizzle that solid werpa cheese sauce then topped with veggies pare medyo healthy. Cheers!

Fish Bowl Full of Henny


Can a goldfish be as LIT as human beings?

We caught this video of our favorite, Chef Henny with his goldfish Timmy. Apparently the plan is to replace water with Hennessy and observe if Timmy would be LIT!.

At first, may hula na kami. Of course that fish would die. A drunken fish will never live to tell its tale another day. But we were surprised. Hell, we ate our words and begin to believe in the savings of the Henelation, “Henny is the potion of youth” – Hennelation 11:3. Cheers!



Open in case of massive craving or if the nearest store is close…

Nauuso na ang preppers mentality, ano kamo to?  Well, these are the people who prepares for the worst possibility to happen out there. Tulad ng  World War 3, massive famine or to go extreme, end of the world kind of events.

As if staying alive a few more days, when the world goes kaput would be a good idea, these preppers prepare everything and we happen to come across what we believe is another of their products. Its burger in a can. There’s nothing beats a warm bun oozing with meat juices with the smokey and cheesy taste enveloping your tastebuds. We dont think we can have that in this burger in can. And if this is the last burger in the world, ill use it to make a bait rather than eat it. Cheers!

Beer Bible Study


There is salvation in every mug, pint or keg…

Ibang klase din mag-spread ng good news tong bible study na to. And it seems effective, truly beer is a drink for the community. The best part is that you get to enjoy a few cold  brewski and at the same time get to discuss food for the soul. Watch the video, and may God bless your brew. Cheers!

FLUID RESTOBAR: Winning in Every Shot


Nung huling mawarak ako, mobile bar palang to… Ngayon legit na restobar na sya!

Its like drinking in memory lane, where every shot brings you back farther than you’re current state might suggest or make you believe. As a backgrounder, nakilala namin ang may-ari ng restobar na ito years back when he brought his mobile bar for a birthday party of two of our common friends.Image may contain: food

That was light years back in the past, nung pausbong palang ang mobile bars. Noong, hinde pa aral ang lahat ng tanggero at tomador; noong wala pang pili ang mga tao sa presyo, kalidad o saang galing ang alak na nilalaklak nila. Those times, epic was normal, because it could happen anywhere, anytime, to anyone, in any place.

No automatic alt text available.

Now back to reality, restobar na ang Fluid Bar but still its lone proprietor, Edong Reyes still runs both the mobile and restobar. This guy’s hardworking, a bit visionary, a splash of hopeless romantic but overall a guy that knows his business. Fluid Restobar is located at Lakefront Sucat, Muntinlupa, we consider it a bit of a secret bar since its not visible from the main highway. Walking inside this bar is a mix of nostalgic and chill.Image may contain: food

Drinking games, shot games and a table for beer pong, that’s fluid restobar’s ace in the pocket. But if you’re looking for some grub, the kitchen will not fail you. We recommend the Pass Island Whole Chicken, soft, creamy and savory, this chicken will haunt you for days. A must try is their unique version of sisig, the Longgasisig. Edong’s mom is well known in our circles to have the best longganisa and since its always a hit, Edong just added his own business touch to it. If your looking for a bit healthier pulutan, Tuna Panga is our bet. Grilled giant tuna jaws served with butter and soy sauce. The meat in between, that’s the best parts. The best thing is that Edong is always on the look-out for better pulutan and suppliers. Whatever he saves, he passes it on to the customer by pricing them fairly.

To end, if you see Edong, which you will since his a hands on businessman, ask for a shot of J’tois and ask him to let you try his unique mixes that he normally serves in his mobile bar, we recommend the Vapor. Cheers!

Did somebody say Crocodile Ice Cream?


Reptile in a cone and its Only in the Philippines… #PROUD

Davao has been getting a much needed jolt of interest in its tourism efforts and this video we found can help you make that Davao trip even more memorable.

In Davao, you are more likely to taste croc sisig and croc lechon, a leaner version of chicken sisig or lechon manok (roasted chicken) but nothing can prepare you for dessert. Croc Ice Cream! Yes folks, ice cream with chunky bits of crocodile meat in it. Watch the full video and hope these help improve further the tourism in Mindanao. Cheers!

The Battleground Angeles: Aling Lucing’s vs Mila’s Tokwa’t Baboy


In the City of Angeles, a battle has been forged to crown an absolute Queen…

Mila’s Tokwat Baboy’s Sisig

But we shall not be jaded here. Kasi maraming tao ang naghihintay ng proper recommendation. If you haven’t been to the Philippines, one thing you should know is that in Pampangga lies the original Sisig. Sisig by now you would know rivals Adobo as the King of Filipino food.

Slow cooked Kalderetang Kambing

We visited Angeles City, and tried two restaurants that claim they have the best. Aling Lucing claims they were the original and alot would say that indeed they were. On the other hand, Mila’s Tokwat baboy claims still, their is the best even if not the original.

At P50 per serving, this Dinuguan (Innards version) is a must try.

The following pictures were taken from Mila’s Tokwat Baboy. Their is the best among the rest and even compared to the original. Truly it is a testament that, to be the first doesnt meant to be the best.

the best combo: Crispy Pig Ears and Chicken Ass

So what really made our decision? Aling Lucing is yes original, having that smoky, savory and fatty chunks of roasted pig’s face is a delight in itself. But what Mila’s offered was something different. It was an orchestra of flavors and textures. Sour, fresh, savory, smoky and crispy. It just plays a better tune. Finely chopped and meshed together were all the ingredients. The fatty flavor was cut by the acidity while the smokiness was cut by the freshness.

To end, if you’re into drinking pick Aling Lucing, they stay up late for you to get that original sisig fix which what we did when we ordered 10 cases of beer. But if you’re with family and just starving for a good meal, go for Mila’s. Their space if for the dining crowd. Cheers!

Mila’s Tokwat Baboy’s Menu
Mila’s air-conditioned dining area, they also have an al fresco for those that like a larger elbow room