Ang Drinking Game na MAKABAYAN!

Ang utos ng Heneral ay laruin mo ang Drinking Game na ito!

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Wag mong gagalitin ang Heneral

We conjured this game in the spirit of Pulp Fiction Drinking Game, where in you drink whenever Samuel L. Jackson says a bad word like m*therf*cker…etc., but we added our own Filipino Twist, since we at Pulutan.Club are very patriotic and nationalistic folks.

So, here is what you will need to enjoy this awesome patriotic game!

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Kompleto na ba ang lahat ng kailangan?

  • A DVD copy, dont buy bootleg DVDs (pero alam namin, meron na kayo nito), of the Movie “Heneral Luna” by the Articulo Uno Production.
  • Your own choice of alcohol, be nationalistic about it, bumili syempre ng gawang Pinoy, San Miguel Beer, Ginebra Gin, Emperador Light, Red Horse Extra Strong Beer…etc.
  • Shot Glasses or Beer Glasses
  • A laptop, Desktop or even a TV and DVD player set up (syempre manunuod tayo ng movie)
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Teka…teka…handa ka na ba sa Rules ng Laro na to?

The rules…

  1. Each player should have their choice of drink, water is not an option, and have enough supply till the end of the movie. Per shot glass kung hard drinks, 1/2 beer glass kung beer.
  2. Every time a character curses/ bad words mapa-english, spanish o tagalog, players should drink. If its the Heneral Luna, drink twice.
  3. If they here the phrase: Artikulo Uno, Switch drink with the player next to you, Drink
  4. Each time na bumaril si Heneral, Drink
  5. Unang maubusan ng supply, sya ang sasagot sa after inuman food binge!
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Expect mo na Spolarium Scene ang dating nyo after ng Game na to!

Simulan na ang warakan este DRINK MODERATELY Cheers!

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