Buffalo: The Forever Drinking Game

Sinong nagsabi na walang FOREVER, pwes, ito ang game para sayo!

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If your a veteran drinker, then in one way or the other you’re a member of this life time drinking game. Sobrang simple lang ang laro na to and once you’re in the game, you’re are bound to honor this game for life.

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Drink like a BUFFALO…

Here are the steps and the rules:

  1. Ask the new member if his ready to accept the rules of the game for life. (panghabang buhay na to, bes… mas mahaba pa sa tagal nyo ni ex)
  2. Ask the new member which of his hand is his/her dominant hand (kung kaliwete, kaliwa ang dominant hand) For now on, he/she should drink from his/her non-dominant hand
  3. Kung mahuli sya ng ibang member at sabihan sya ng BUFFALO habang umiinom sa dominant hand, kailangan nyang ubusin ang hawak nyang alak.
  4. Kung magkamali ang pagkasabi ng BUFFALO, dapat ubusin ng nagsabi ang hawak nyang alak
  5. If your ambidextrous, meaning parehong kamay ay dominant hand, left hand ang non-dominant hand mo. But if you say the word and make it as an excuse, down that drink too.
  6.  This is a drinking game of honor, so if you don’t have the balls to honor your word, don’t join this game, the game doesn’t need partypoopers!
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Watch which hand your holding your drink, everybody is out to BUFFALO you!

This game is great for big parties, for alcohol drinkers and non drinkers alike. (sinong mag-eenjoy lumaklak ng tubig at soft drink buong gabi?) Pero ang pinaka solid talaga about the game is you’ll know kung sinong man enough to honor their word. So are you man/woman enough to try this game? Cheers!

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