Working While Drinking Works

Nowadays, we can work anywhere at anytime.  All we need is a reliable internet connection a decent device with wifi capabilities to connect us to the internet and that’s it.  Unless you’re a doctor or a chef but then again, some aspects of your work, you can do remotely.

At Pulutan Club, we work on it when we feel that we’re in the zone and ready to push out more articles hoping that bored people just like yourself will click on it and spare us a minute or two.  We believe that sitting down and forcing it wont work.  That’s why you’ll see at times 5 or 10 articles role out same day within an hour or two.  Impressive? Not really.  It’s always in your head and its always on. It’s just that its not yet ready to get out. And if you force it, it comes out wrong just like the other articles which we don’t even bother correcting anymore. Haha. But please read them.

So that’s a quick piece written at Paseo 59c, a cowork restaurant, while eating chow mein and asian goreng with beef which was super yummy by the way.. and a third bottle of beer.  This place was cozy, they have a garden where you can smoke and walk around (meditate and reflect).  If you do the monthly coworking thing, you get your own spot and a locker…  And what you pay is consumable.  Pretty cool. *cheers*


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