Alaskan King Crab as a Pet?

Photo by: Trip Advisor

Paano kaya tuturuan to mag-sit?

We found this video of a guy who went to the market in Sanya, China. Oh boy, was he in for a treat. Giant seafood everywhere, from crabs to clams to sea urchins. The list of available food fair is just insane and in large quantities.

He bought the same fish that President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Xi Jinping ate over dinner when Trump visited China a few months ago. On his shopping list were, prawns, sea urchin, crabs and that big clam that looks like a big…er… manhood, to the amusement of the lady fish vendor that she added a few freebies. A quick google search and we discovered that its called a Geoduck. That’s not even the most surprising part, the guy paid all that fresh seafood through his smartphone via WeChat. I guess our “suking” local fish vendors are missing out.

He then went to a restaurant like our local version of Dampa resto and had all that food be cooked Chinese style and what came out was a feast of seafood. If only they had a case of Red Horse and it would have been beyond epic.

Had the same or even feast you want to share? Hit us up at the comment section below and send those pictures. Cheers!

Video by: Monkey Abroad

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