Health Conscious ka ba? Why not try Vegan Pulutan?

Sa panahon ngayon, hindi lang trend ang pagiging health-conscious, it’s a lifestyle. And kung naghahanap ka ng healthier alternatives that would not compromise the taste of your food, we have a list of dishes for you that you can try ASAP.


 Usually, when you say chicharon, it automatically means that crispy and salty pork rinds that is almost a staple in every walwalan table. But not anymore! Thanks to technology and sheer creativity, people have discovered that there is a lot of things that can also be turned into everyone’s favorite pulutan.  Seaweed, mushrooms, and tofu skins are some of the more common ingredients that have been turned into the delicious snack.

Photo by JOTG

Food blogger RG Enriquez has her own versions of chicharon using shiitake mushrooms and bean curd sticks. Pair them up with a quick dip of spicy local vinegar and you are good to go! Want to know how to make it? Follow the link to her blog and learn how.

Photo by One Green Planet


Sisig is another one of those dishes na palaging meron sa menu pang-inuman. How can you turn this into a vegan fare? Try using mushrooms and tofu instead of pork! RG Enriquez tried her hand at it and came up with this delicious creation. If you feel more confident after trying out the recipe, why not experiment and see if you can discover another tasty substitute.

Photo by ASTIG Vegan

Fried Water Spinach

Wag magpanic. Hindi ka mahihirapan or mapapamahal sa pagbili ng “water spinach”. Keep calm and realize that it is only kangkong, guys. But wait. Kangkong as pulutan? Yep. And it works too. All you need is a bunch of the leafy vegetable, beer batter, and very hot oil. Cheap, tasty, and it remains crispy even the day after. It is definitely a dish to try making. See how you can make it yourself here.

Photo by ASTIG Vegan

By Kat Cabasan

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