Crispy Bangus ala Pobre by Chef Ian Dalida Galza

You dont have to go to Tagaytay, let our resident Chef Ian Daliza Galza take our National Fish and cooked it the simplest way that puts its flavor on the limelight!


Boneless bangus
Knorr seasoning
Black pepper
Fried garlic
Oil for frying
Butter optional

  • Marinate boneless bangus in Knorr seasoning, kalamansi and black pepper
  • Heat oil in a pan with a little touch of butter then fry the fish until crisp or golden brown
  • Garnish with fried garlic on top…
  • Serve with toyomansi or suka with garlic…

Bangus, our milk fish is the Philippines’ National Fish and with these recipe, it highlights the full on flavor of such a delicate but majestic fish. This recipe is easy to execute, one reason that the whole of Tagaytay, Batanggas offers the same version of it for tourists and locals. You don’t need to go to the resto just to taste the flavor. Cook it for you next inuman. Cheers!

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