These Cambodian Boys GOT MASSIVE BALLS!

Not even a full grown man, can do what these boys do…

We found this video of Cambodia Daily Life of two boys that appeared to be in a motorcycle accident but what really happened shookt the leaving sh*t out of us. Hinde alng sya kahindik-hindik, lubhang nakakabilib pa, chong!

Image result for daily life in cambodia boys catch snake

These Cambodian boys were hunting two snakes bare hands, as if they were just rolling in that garden hose you forgot to secure after washing your car. Some scenes are cringe worthy, we almost pissed our selves in awe on how their slim and bony bodies can out strength these animals that always wants to give you that tight tight TIGHT hug squeeze! It’s not even fair to them to compare some sort of measure of manhood. Let’s just say, we’ll “allow” them to win this round. Cheers!


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