Tiny Egg Omelet In Tomato

They might be small but they pack BIG FLAVORS…

They say the best things in life are wrapped in small packages. This recipe, though it may looked tiny, has full flavor and packs a big punch to any starving Tomador.

Image result for egg omelet in tomato

What a FULL SIZE Egg Omelet in Tomato looks like…


We found this video of a recipe for Egg Omelet in Tomato and we think this is the best size to control that KUNG FU Master (Kung FUMULUTAN, MASTER) sa pulutan friends. The catch here is instead of using the actual sizes of the ingredients, they cooked this dish in tiny portions. Tulad ng imbes itlong ng manok, itlog ng pugo ang ginamit nila at imbes normal size ng kamatis, cherry tomatoes ang gamit nila. Astig! Bite size feast for a giant hunger, fights na yan! Cheers!

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