Nanalo na ang Pinas Laban Tsina!!!

Video by: Basta Gamer Sweet Lover

Every inch counts, may it be in reality or in a game.


We found this video of two game players having a bit of an argument. Minura ba naman sya ng “PAK YuHH”??! Aba, aba, aba… Hold my drink, Fam. Hold my drink. It’s about to go down!!!

Kabayan pala itong si repa, and we don’t receive insults sitting down. We retaliate, and we just don’t get even, dapat lamang tayo! So, our kabayan asked this other dude who apparently hails from China to stop cursing at him and apologize. Eh ayaw mag-sorry, mga brad. Anong diskarte nya ngayon? Seek and destroy! He hunted him out and started unleashing Pinoy fury on him. The thing was magkakampi pala yung dalawang loko!

He even had the guy declaring ” Philippines number 1, China number 2!!!”. So, that’s one down and two billion to go, folks. Unti-untiin na lang natin yan, mga bords!

Video by: Basta Gamer Sweet Lover

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