Cheers! Make These Gin Mixes to Impress!

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Gin is a staple in Filipino drinking culture. Introduced by the British during their brief stay in Manila during the 1700s, it quickly took root and was embraced by foreign and local settlers alike. We love gin so much that in 2013, Filipinos were dubbed as the biggest gin drinkers in the world by a BBC program. Even now, gin is still a wildly popular alcohol of choice with people. Whether it’s a straight shot, a classic gin pomelo, or a gin-based original recipe, it’s almost sure to be a hit with local taste buds.

Feeling a bit thirsty for a drink right now? We got you covered.

Quick, tasty, and uncomplicated, these gin mixes are sure to kick up the mood at any given event! Cheers!

Cantaloupe Fizz

1 cantaloupe (peeled, deseeded, and chopped)

1 cup of gin

2 tbsps. of refined sugar

Ice cubes


Simply mix all the ingredients into a blender and let it work through the mixture until everything is smooth. Serve immediately after making.

Tip: Select juicier and riper fruits to crush faster and to achieve a sweeter taste.

Gin Slushie

9 cups of water

2 cups of sugar

12 oz. of frozen orange juice concentrate

12 oz. of frozen lemonade concentrate

2 cups of gin

Dissolve the sugar into heated water in a cooking pan or a cook pot. Let it boil for fifteen minutes before removing it from heat. Set it aside to allow it to cool.

Combine the sugar water, orange juice, lemonade, and gin. Stir the ingredients until everything is well-combined. Pour the mixture into a container before letting it half-freeze in the fridge.

Serve drinks by filling half a glass with the frozen mix and finishing it off with lemon-lime soda like Mountain Dew.

By: Kat Cabasan

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