Enjoying Whiskey without goin’ Bankrupt!

You wont need to sell that kidney for this whiskies!

We found this video of a Whiskey Expert sharing his affordable brands of great tasting whiskey under $50 or Php2,500. Medyo mahal pa din pero, if your that type of guy that enjoys a glass or two of whiskey as a way to relax the nerves and senses after a tough day at work, then investing on these brands won’t really hurt that much. Plus, may mai-offer ka pa na inuming di basta basta sa susunod na may bisita kang importante o biglaan.

  • Maker’s Mark Cast Strength – 55.7% ABV (alcohol by volume) 
  • Evan Williams Single Barrel – 43.4% ABV, $23 or Php 1, 150
  • Four Roses Single Barrel – 50% ABV, $35 or Php 1, 750
  • Highland Park 12 years – 43% ABV, $45 or Php 2, 250
  • Balvenie DoubleWood 12 years – 43% ABV, $45 or Php 2, 250

But then again, hinde lahat afford ang imported na whiskey so we prepared our own local list of suggestions:

Andy Player Black Whisky – 35% ABV (not really whisky level) Php 170.00 for 500ml

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White Castle Calibre 69 Whiskey – 34.5% ABV (again not whisky level) Php 143.75 for 700ml

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White Castle 5 years Whiskey – 40% ABV (NOW that’s a whiskey!) Php 214.50 for 700ml

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White Castle Light Whisky – 34.5% ABV (not whisky level) Php 87.50 for 700ml

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Whyte and Mackay Php – 40% ABV Php 459.00 for 700ml

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