The title might be a bad tongue twister but her talent is 100% legit!!!

This ate girl is just amazing with a slingshot. Not just anybody can be an expert on using a slingshot, it takes a lot of practice, a steady aim and clear vision. Though its relatively simple to operate, a slingshot might cause a newbie a whole lot of trouble and accidents. But ate girl can handle a slingshot just fine indeed, imagine hitting that 1/8 of an inch thick card from a range of about 10 to 15 yards, we couldn’t hit rock from that distance. And the best part, the hit started the mixing of the drink down. Imagine that skill with an elevator Gin and lime cocktail.


Gilbey’s Gin and Island Mixers – Lime

*open both bottles and align the bottles in such a way that they balance end to end. Watch the magic happens. Cheers!