7 Traits of People Who Love Sisig

Sisig is a famous Filipino Dish. It traces its origin in Pampanga and was originally made with pig ears, chicken liver, vinegar and calamansi. Nowadays, variations are made all over the country.

Lots of people are fond of eating sisig, and most probably you love it too. But have you ever wondered what seven traits do they have in common?

  1. Simple

The dish in itself is simple, there’s nothing fancy about it, but it’s the stand out tastes that makes it worth eating every single time that makes it a crowd favorite. People who like sisig are quite the same. They like simple things so as long as it passes their standard.

  1. Meticulous

Yup, we mentioned that they like simple things, but they pay attention to details a lot! Like how they are very keen to the ingredients of their favorite sisig. After all, it’s a simple dish so it’s either a hit or amiss. Sisig lovers can spot something wrong quite with ease because they’re very keen to everything.

  1. Thrill Seekers

The best thing about sisig is that altering a few ingredients to come up with a new twist is not a sin. Sisig lovers are quite open to new things like how they are very willing to try other variations of their dish. People who love sisig like searching for something new and exciting.

  1. Sociable

Sisig isn’t fun to eat without the company of others. Sure, it’s now turned into a popular viand in lots of restaurants, but pairing it with an ice cold beer, a lengthy chitchat and some good company is the best way to eat it.

  1. Feisty

You read it right, -Feisty, like how spicy the dish can be. A typical sisig would never be complete without some mix of chilies and chopped garlic. Sisig fans share quite the same spunk if you dare notice.

  1. Bold

A bold dish for a bold person, quite a fitting match right? Just ordering over the other few dishes is already quite a bold move. Even when you’re not sure of how it would taste like, in the end you tell yourself, but it’s sisig, so why not!

  1. Risk Takers

Ordering the same old sisig over the other food is quite a risk in itself. Imagine if they don’t do it the same way as they do in your favorite food shop? Ah the horrors of bad food! —But being the stubborn person that you are, you still take your chances, well because it’s sisig, so what do you have to loose right?.


What do you think of the list? Was it spot on or were there some missing traits that need to be in there? Share your thoughts!

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