Add this location to your next vacation to Japan…

The Hilton Tokyo Odaiba has two new offerings you should really try…

Since the summer is over and its officially rainy season here in the islands, one thing is for sure, every one would be expected to be back to grinding. Well, except the upper 1%, which has the time of their lives.

For the rest of us, we need to work work work to afford that next vacation. For those planning to visit Japan, may it be for the first time or a second serving of the Land of the Rising Sun, check out this new tourist must go spot, The Hilton Tokyo Odaiba. It has two new offerings, the “ABLAZE” Outdoor BBQ Terrace and the Odaiba Craft Beer Garden.

Watch the video we found above to have a better glimpse of where you goin to burn that well earned money the next time you say “Konichi wa”. Cheers!

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