Baijiu Drinking Challenge

We found this video parusa sa mga late sa inuman o laging MIA. Habol ka naman, chong!

This is how this challenge originated as penance for arriving late in inuman session. Baijiu, traditionally consumed using shot glasses was poured into a big bowl and the poor guy downing it all. Sweet justice it is. Friends posted the video and it went viral with more people trying to out done one another. A rumor circulated that the first guy to have done it died and the crack down by Chinese Police warning anyone not to reproduce the stunt only added much attention to the challenge. At 52% alcohol by volume, Baijiu is a serious liquor that can take you out if disrespected.

Sinong gusto ma-late ulit sa inuman? (Evil laugh) Never again, i hope!

Video by: BBC Trending

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