Owning a BBZ Freezer at Home Experience

For last year’s Valentine’s day, the best wife ever gave me a Beer Below Zero Freezer. YES guys you can OWN one! Google Beer Below Zero and order one. Oh wait, just go their Facebook account and message them directly – https://www.facebook.com/beerbelowzerodegrees.

Moving on…

I went home after a long day at work to a brand new BBZ personal chest, the one with the black wood finish that fits perfectly and looks super awesome at any corner of your man cave (wish I had one). It can hold a maximum of 36 bottles of beer.  And when I opened it… cue heavenly music… something like ‘hhhhhaaaaaaaaa’ … it was FULL! Again, best wife ever.

So here’s my take on owning one.

  1. You will be the envy of all your beer drinking buddies
  2. They will try to take it from you. They will try to destroy you.. kidding (Just try to borrow and you’ll end up making a lame excuse anyway, they know it)
  3. You will… I kid you not.. try to finish all 36 bottles… and I sort of did but can’t remember?
  4. You will read the manual
  5. You will learn about “baking” beer
  6. You will have a 5 peso coin always ready near the beer below zero fridge
  7. You will sponsor a series of inuman sessions
  8. You will try to freeze imported beer.. and you will love it
  9. You will resist it when they start putting left over food or ice cream
  10. You will or might.. whatever.. give it a name.  Mine is called Buzz BlackChest (like a pirate!)

That’s it! Photo from beer below zero site.  Not mine. Peace! *virtual fistbump*




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