Be a PRO in Ordering Beer (Beer Signals)

Mahirap pala umorder ng Red Horse. Let us show you the way.

Video by: San Miguel Pale Pilsen

In a crowded bar or club, it’s a hassle to keep on waving for service just to order the beer. We feel the frustration of every customer and waiter. The customer just wants to be well hydrated while the waiter just wants to render efficient service. As the hours go well deep into the night, the ratio of waiter to customers gets bigger and bigger, almost to inhuman proportions. If you’re new to the drinking scene, Mr. and Ms. Millennial, allow us to show you the ropes, para next time you hit the club, lodi ka na pare!

San Miguel Light

Arguably the easiest beer to order. Flash that one finger signal (use pointer finger) to your waiter followed by an “L” sign and that ice-cold San Mig Light is on its way. The first signal indicates the quantity while the second signal is your brand of beer. Yakang kaya, parekoy!

Video by: rakistarock

San Miguel Pale Pilsen

I watched over 50 videos of past commercials of San Miguel Beer going back to the 60’s up to the recent ones. I am glad that my efforts of burning the midnight oil payed off brilliantly. Now, here’s how you order the Pambansang Beer ng Pilipinas. Call the attention of the bartender or waiter, then snap your fingers. That’s it!

Video by: vibesey

Colt 45

The thing with Colt 45 is that they have yet to come up with a lot of commercials to base any direction when it comes to ordering it. Honestly, I could only count less than the fingers in my left hand of friends who prefer this beer. (tough love right there) Though I for one will not turn down any free beer, and if it’s Colt 45 the host is serving then that’s my beer for the night. So, to order this beer, get your waiter or bartender’s attention and signal him with four fingers front hand and five fingers back hand. Minsan kailangan talagang maging creative, pare.

Red Horse

With this one, I had to ask my waiter friends, my favorite bartender from 121 Bar and a few of my barkada who are beer aficionados. Not one can give me the proper way of ordering Red Horse by hand signal. So, what could a guy do? Search the internet for it. Thank the Beer Gods because I have found it. The certified old school way of order your ice cold Red Horse is by gesturing to your bartender or waiter with your hands open and with one hand on top and the other on the bottom with a gap of one foot vertically. A bit vague but see the picture below and read all about it on our next article. Kaya natin to, pare!

Video by: MuziklabanTV

Try this hand signals yourself, mga chong. And if it doesn’t work at first kindly educate your waiter or bartender, this will go a long way into enjoying fast service and great inuman experience. Want to add to this list? We would love to hear from you so hit that comment below. Cheers!


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