BeerCycling can get you wasted twice while saving the planet…

Have you heared of Beercycling? Nifty little word for recycling your beer… Now That’s SCIENCE!!!


They say in heaven, there is  no beer that’s why we drink it here and to save the world lets conserve water, drink more beer. We guess that this Danish Brewery has put those sayings to heart. Collecting 50,000 liters of human piss and producing 60, 000 bottles of beer they appropriately named “Pisner”.

Well, not exactly how you imagined it. With support from the Danish Agricultural and Food Council, the brewery would be using this piss as natural fertilizers for the barley they would use to produce the beer. Ultimately, its about time we help contribute to making our favorite drink, but for now, it’s time for a cold one. Wants some fries to pair with your piss? Cheers!

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