Beerfast: Alcohol in the Morning? Why Not!

Coz there is no bad time for beer or vodka… yes, lads and lassies, its a thing!

Googling the word “beerfast” and you’ll find yourself in some sites that promotes or discusses about fasting using beer or for a less vague meaning by replacing food with beer for lent. They say its a spiritual thing but that’s another story all together. For this part, we’re talking about drinking alcohol in the morning. May it be because the party went longer than expected (which meant it was epic), or that you work night shift or you just plain embraced the gastronomical magic of drinking alcohol first thing in the morning. We are not supporting alcoholism here, mind you, but we are just exploring the possibilities that maybe just maybe something as good and delicious as a cold beer or a glass of wine in the morning can bring World PEACE a little closer. (well, it might be, we just never known it yet)

It gives you a JOLT!

Its surprises your body for the day ahead, so long as you take just one shot. Take it with your morning coffee and make it an Irish. The body will react to the alcohol and gives you a mellow attitude, eliminating some edge may it be that morning report or that expected traffic jam you need to conquer.

It is an Excellent Gut-Cleaner

Ever wondered why you’re poo (how cute) smells like death after a drinking binge? Well, because alcohol is a natural laxative and beer and wine are good sources of fiber. In that spirit, drinking a a cup or a bottle is a sure fire step to a cleaner gut. Just close the door and windows when you do your business.

It keeps Blood-Vessel Clog-Free

Alcohol relaxes your blood vessels while making your blood slightly thinner which results to lower blood pressure, better blood circulation and oxygen absorption. In any case, this will set you up for a great day ahead.

It can help you with your bad morning breath.

One shot of vodka is better than your expensive mouth wash and the second shot gives you a more that PG-13 vibe to start the morning with the missus. As they always say, Happy Wife, Happy Life.

It is liquid bread of 16th Century Friars

Beer is literally bread in liquid form and is a great source of carbohydrates and fiber so have a cold one for a change. Now, all we need is a solid form of coffee and its a standard breakfast deconstruction. Bacon tablets and tubed scrabbled egg, anyone?

Its part of your relaxation…

As we said, not everyone has that 9-5pm gig, so that time difference really makes it not a big deal, if you shove a Red Horse Mucho down your throat as the sun perks up the morning sky. It all boils down to your time of relaxation and ensuring a long uninterrupted sleep after the drinks. To each, his own! Cheers!







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