Best Beer Signals in the Philippines: #6 will scare you shitless!

Minsan mas mabilis at malinaw ang usupan kung senyasan lang, kung LDR kayo ng waiter sa club, use this Jedi hand gestures to order that next batch of cold brewskies!

Our resident Inuman and Pulutan expert, Plo KungFu Master, came up with a video sharing of his beer ordering prowess with some Jedi dexterity. Most of it came from interviews and consultations of some of the waiters and bartenders in the Metro while some are just plain good vibes humor with a mix of common sense, name play and genius creativity (Wag nang komuntra, mga Lodi! Hahaha…)

Can you guess the legit hand signals from the ones that would melt your waiter’s brain and submit into some mind trance towards your table to clarify? Watch the equally cute and brainy (Masanay na kayo, di lang minsanan to…) Grub and Chug  PRO handle the complexities of ordering beer, Plomaster Style. Cheers!

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