Cancerous daw ang Kape? Here are the Facts!

Kalma ka lang tropa, baka na sobrahan ka lang sa kape… safe ang coffee.. PRAMIS!

Over the month, there were fresh reports spreading that coffee is cancerous and that a judge in California has ordered Starbucks to put carcinogen warnings signs on their stores. Here are the facts of the lawsuit.

  • The judge ruling is about a California State Law and not by Science
  • Starbucks and 90 other companies are the defendants against the lawsuit.
  • The law is about companies should disclose carcinogens and toxic chemicals in their products.

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  • The cancerous substance is Acrylamide
  • Acrylamide can cause cancer in lab rats
  • Acrylamide naturally results from the cooking process that makes beans flavorful
  • Studies shows that humans metabolize it very differently
  • Coffee has a thousands times less amounts of acrylamide per cup compared to what they fed the lab rats
  • The same law was also used against potato chips, fries, breakfast cereals and even parking garage.
  • Studies has proven that drinking coffee offers many health benefits like reducing risk to Alzheimer’s, prostate cancers, melanoma and other cancers.
  • In 2016, International Agency for Research on Cancer has removed coffee from their “possible carcinogen” list.

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So don’t fear your daily cup of joe, if kung hinde pa halata, pera-pera lang ang problema dito. Enjoy the health benefits of coffee, the extra energy it provides and that quick excuse to go COCOL. Cheers!

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