Crazy Facts about Rum

Rum is one of the versatile liquor in the world, but before you mix next summer inspired drink, its about time you get to know, the liquor that fueled discovery new land. Here are the facts!

British Navy started serving their soldiers Rum rations in 16th century till 1970.

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That day was July 31st 1970 known now as Black Tot Day.

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Rum is also known as Nelson’s Blood named after Admiral Horatio Nelson because during the War of Trafalgar in 1805, the admiral died and was shipped to England in a barrel of rum. Rumor has it that the sailors drank the rum (with the admiral’s body inside the barrel) during the long voyage.

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The Rum Barrel where they kept the body of Admiral Horatio Nelson…

The word “proof”found in today’s bottles of liquor started with rum, rum was considered as a currency during the war and as “proof” that the rum was legit they would mix gun power and rum and lit it. If it burns up, its legit rum. Watered down rum will not light up.

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procedure to prove proof of alcohol

Rum was extremely popular with early colonist in America, 12 million gallons a year was consumed then compared to 30 million gallons today. Sa dami ng tao sa America ngayon compared noon. Parang tubig lang.

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Rum is made by distilling molasses, it is a by product when you turn sugar cane into sugar. In 1500’s, slaves realized that the molasses that are being thrown out can be made into an alcohol and that was the first rum.

There are many kinds of rum but the main are:

  • White Rum like Bacardi is great for cocktails
  • Gold Rum like Don Papa has a more flavor and stronger tasting
  • Spiced Rum like Captain Morgan’s is a gold rum with spices added
  • Dark Rum like Bacardi Black is aged longer, rich color, stronger flavor compared to gold rum

Bacardi 151 is highly overlyproof and highly flammable is very popular with the youth.

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