Drinking Game: Arrogance

How quick will it take you to drop the floor will depend on how arrogant you can be…

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Mga kailangan:

  • 1 bote Quadro Kantos
  • 1 bote Emperador Lights
  • 1 bote El Hombre Tequila
  • 1 bote Cossack Vodka
  • 1 bote Tanduay Rhum
  • 1 Red Horse Extra Strong Beer Mucho
  • 1 San Miguel Pale Pilsen Grande
  • 1 pitcher Orange Juice
  • 1 pitcher Pineapple Juice
  • 1 bote ng Sprite
  • 1 bote ng Coke
  • Ice cubes/tubes or ice bar
  • Tall and wide glass
  • 10 peso coin

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Mechanics: You and your friends sit around a table. The person who goes first fills up the glass with any kind of alcohol he wants. He then takes the coin out and calls heads or tails. If his prediction is right, the glass (with whatever is inside) goes to the guy on his right. But if his prediction is wrong, he has to down the drink. If the glass moves to the next player, he has to add to what’s already in the glass. It can be anything he wants–more alcohol, bulgogi sauce, tabasco, salt, vinegar, orange juice, caramel syrup, etc. After he adds more to the glass’ contents, it’s his turn to call heads or tails. If his prediction is wrong, he drinks whatever’s inside the glass, including what he added. If he’s correct, it passes on to the player to his right, and the pattern continues. Tip-ins: if the glass is already full, then the players just keep calling heads or tails until someone’s prediction is wrong and they have to down the entire glass. Why is it called arrogance? Because the game tests if you’re arrogant enough to add something crazy to the drink with the risk you have to down it on the line.


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