Drinking Game: Korea’s Titanic Filipinized

Hinde lang Koreanovela at KPop music ang pwedeng lagyan ng Filipino Twist… Would you go down with The Titanic?!

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Base on the name of the game, you probably have an idea what the concept would be like. Yes, people, it involves something sinking. In the Korean Version, you will need:

Cass Beer (Korea’s Number 1 Beer) Soju, a vodka-like liquor made from rice, just like Filipino rice wine, Basi.

but since we’re aiming for a more Pinoy Vibe to this game, you will need:

San Miguel Pale Pilsen (Kung #RHNation ka, Red Horse Extra Strong Beer)

Lambanog (Kung hardcore ka at taga- Brgy.Ginebra ka, Ginebra San Miguel Gin Quadro Kantos)

Tall Beer Glass and Shot Glass with a light bottom


Pour beer into the Beer Glass until half glass full. Carefully place inside the Beer Glass the shot glass without sinking the shot glass. Each player take turns in pouring a small or big portion (depende sa lakas ng loob mo) of the hard alcohol into the shot glass. The player that pours last and sinks the shot glass losses and needs to gulp down the drink bottoms up. Here’s a video to help you out. Cheers!


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