Drinking With Bossing

Drinking with your boss after work hours sounds pretty good and witty. In fact, it might be the best way to impress him to give you that raise or promotion that you’ve been yearning for so long. But this can also be the reason to get you a bad reputation and worse, get fired. So, if you find yourself in an episode of an inuman session with your bossing, you got to know the dos and don’ts when drinking with the “man”.

Get to know your bossing.

Do: Know his interests, his hobbies, what he does outside of work, and penetrate his soul. Try to peek into his Pandora’s Box. That way you can know him way beyond his cold heart and the reason why he’s always masungit (grumpy). And maybe, just maybe, you can be the best of friends. Just remember to keep the conversation classy and professional.

Don’t: Interrogate and overwhelm the man. You’re not Boy Abunda. Don’t push the topic if he’s uncomfortable with it. He might call you tsismoso (blabbermouth) and it might lessen your pogi points. At the end of the day, your relationship would not be personal – it will always end up in business. And hey, hold up your grudges. Don’t get carried away by telling your problems and issues with your co-workers. He’s still your boss, and you’ll never know if he’s just squeezing you for some juicy information.

Lay off the booze and take off your shoes (not literally, of course)

Do: Decrease your alcohol intake even though your boss insists. If he prefers heavy and strong alcohol, let him, but your goal here is not to bond with him, but to instil an informal business meeting with your bossing. Know your alcohol limits and order something light instead.

Don’t: Match or out-drink your boss. We all know that alcohol can alter the brain to make us say our deepest secrets, and you don’t want to regret what you would unintentionally say in your boozy grogginess. Keep your head in the game.

Don’t order like there’s no tomorrow.

Do: Order what your wallet can handle. Don’t let the poor thing get empty just to impress your boss. You can order drinks like the ordinary beer (don’t go branded and maarte (picky) like Heineken and stuff) whiskey, martini, or even wine. If your boss insists on buying the drinks, just let him do the work. Just face it; he has the most salary between you two.

Don’t: DO NOT DO the “Drinks on me!” stunt. It’s not a celebration, just an informal business meeting. (Don’t let me say this again.) Don’t shed your money over drinks and other stuff that the place has to offer. Spending too much also defines your personality. Don’t be a show-off. Bawas pogi points again.

And that’s how you keep your job for a little while. Just lay off on the don’ts and keep doing the dos and you’re off to a good relationship with your bossing. You’ll never know, you’ll get to be an expert and improve your damoves!
So what are you waiting for? Invite your boss to come over Pulutan Club and remember our advice! Good luck!

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