Earn that Free Drink

Hinde laging pasko, kaya sa susunod na inuman, ambagan mo ng Tricks, pare!

Beer is not free, accept it, Pare. That is why we almost consume it responsibly. Responsibly meaning we drink it all down to the bottom. I still remember back in the day when beer was P10 per bottle. You say “Dude, P10 per bottle, you must be old?!” I reply ” Im not old, fam… I’m Classic.”

Yes, ladies and gents, back in the day beer was cheap but we treasure it. I used to always go to a friend’s party.  Their house was just in front our home and he is my best friend’s kuya. This guy adores beer. He will feel insulted seeing half-finished beer lying around. He would complain to us, ” Pare, dapat ubusin yung beer, hinde yan libre”. I felt his pain. It was true too. Back then, beer was someone’s baon, a paycheck, a bonus or savings. Yes, it was cheap but never it was free. What did we do to solve the problem, you ask? We collected all the half-finished bottles, pour out each beer into a pitcher and BAMMMMM! MORE BEER FOR US!

In the spirit of every man’s wish of free beer for life, allow me to share this video of 10 tricks to earn that free beer. No.5 is my favorite!!! Keep practicing and keep on drinking responsibly. Cheers!

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