Finally… Tiger Black Beer: Welcome to the Jungle!


Can this new beer bite into the competition?

Now this one is fresh! We just watched the new Avengers: Infinity War movie and decided to get some two-bots to close the night. For the longest time, since the new commercials have us interested to try Tiger Black Beer, but unfortunately its quite hard to locate it in our side of the metro. A few steps from the mall we arrived at Bonfire Grill in Riverbanks Marikina, and we’re lucky that they serving Tiger Black by the bucket (not exactly but more of that later) for Php300/ (5) 500ml bottles. Sweet!

Served cold, each bottle is marked by the Singaporean Brand Iconic name Tiger. Tiger Black is 6.9% ABV and has only 3 ingrediets (water, malted barley and hops). It is 100% malt for a pure taste and a smooth finish. This beer has its roots in Singapore but is brewed locally by the Asia Brewery Heineken Philippines.

Tiger Black has indeed a pure clean taste, a bit sweet and very refreshing. Hinde sya malansa sa gilagid even if hinde na sya ganun kalamig. There’s no strong bitter after taste and wala yung kagat ng carbonation on the palate. The color of the beer is light and the head is full, meaning kung marunong ka ng tamang paglagay ng beer sa baso, you can attain that perfect two finger (almost 2 inches) beer foam (head).

Based on a group of five (we are all fans of the competitor brand), It was a landslide vote, Tiger Black has the potential to be a strong contender against the leading extra strong beer. The taste, the freshness and the finish. This beer can go further than any brands that went against the juggernaut. But don’t take our word for it, try the New Tiger Black Beer, it will bite off the stress of the urban jungle out of you! Cheers!

Oh wait, here’s a picture of their “bucket”, its a case for 6 bottles! Lakas ng SOLID! Watch out for our official beer comparison here in Pulutan Club! Kampai!

They serve their Tiger Black Beer in Cases…

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