For that RAPID Champagne Consumption!

Why we need to do this is not the right question to start with…

Get drunk and stay classy with this Chambong. Its like the bong we use with beer but is made in glass.


We saw this video of a Chambong Review and we sense that its kinda bit awkward because of two things: Its hard to bong a very bubbly drink such as champagne, even the cheap kind which is called a sparkling wine, because a drink to call itself as a champagne needs to be bottled and produced from Champagne, France. And two, because of its price, its insanity to binge a champagne the way we chug a beer down. For us this is not a MUST buy, its almost a joke given that to stay classy, you sip not chug a champagne. Drink it the right way! Cheers!

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