Foreigner tries Philippine Lambanog and the Art of Tagay-tagay

Check out the “Sympathy for the Devil”…

This American is in for the strongest liquor they had in the show. This double distilled Lambanog is 166 proof or 83% alcohol. Just for comparison, your favorite San Miguel Light Beer is just 5.5% ABV. This drink is not for the weak of heart.

American host purposely went to Quezon Province, Philippines in search for the province’s best known product, The Lambanog! Considered one of the strongest liquor in the country, Lambanog is that one drink you mess with, it will slay you down in ways not even your friends can help you. Syempre, sila din warak. The best part of the video is the passing of tradition, how pinoys consume our liquor, the terminologies and the customs involved and evolve through the years that made us a close-knit, unique and happy people. Cheers!


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