Foreigners Got Punk’ed by Pinoys!

They should know next time that we Filipinos are pranksters of the highest order… Money shot at mark 7:11…

It’s summer time and the influx of foreigners have started to hit our airports and seaports in massive exodus. Check out these clueless foreigners get punked into drinking coconut vinegar spiked with ginger, garlic and yes, you guessed it, siling labuyo or bullet peppers, considered as one of the hottest chili peppers by sheer size. This is no coconut wine or tuba, our dear friends.

Image result for labuyo

While he almost cried just by a sip of this mighty concoction, great for seafood and lechon dipping, the other guy seemed to enjoy the spike. Awesome prank and well done, good sirs. We hope you still had fun in the islands and watch out for more pranks and good natured fun ahead. Cheers!

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