Funny, Weird, Interesting Pre-Inuman Rituals

We sat in a circle with the usual suspects in one of our fellowship inuman sessions and asked each one about pre-inuman (pre-drinking) rituals, if they have any.  You won’t believe how such an innocent question can get some crazy, funny and judgemental reactions.  We’ll record our next sessions with a 360 camera (ok ba?)

Here’s the top 10 pre-inuman rituals:

1. Eat oily and fatty foods – sisig, bagnet, crispy pata (I guess that’s why di pwedeng uminom ng walang #pulutan)

2. Drink up at home (#kuripot moves para tipid sa order) also known as #prinking (pre-drinking)

3. Eat at home! (or 711, #jollyjeep, ministop) Another kuripot move

4. Magpa-barya (Bring change or small denomination money).  This was weird but made a lot of sense.  Of course you’ll need to bring “barya” kasi pag buo pera minsan wala ng sukli sa ambagan. Hahaha.  Wise “Wais” moves.

5. Ligo (Take a bath).  Believe it or not, some people just can’t go out without going home to take a quick shower.  Weirdo.

6. Power nap.  Makes sense to me.  We’ve done it all before.

7. Tablespoon of Olive Oil.  Yes, we all reacted the same way.  It was weird, but it’s related to item number one.  Oil up the insides of your belly so you can go the distance. Epic night!

8. Check-in.  Not quite what you were initially thinking you sick green minded perv (kidding).  Check-in to social media, Facebook, Swarm, whatever.  Each has their own reason.  One said it was to check what people recommend about a particular place, the other said it was to let the SO (significant other) know that s/he is there already and then there’s the “if someone else is here” stalker mode reason.

9. Change shirt.  OC-ness at play here.  Keeping his office or “nice” clothes safe from smoke and the inevitable blow-by.

10. Last… The same guy said he also changed his shoes.  WTF.

So there you go.  Anything you can add, just post it up on our Facebook page.

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