Hangover Recovery According To Tomadors

If you don’t have a kuya, then you have a tito (or your dad) who willingly advices you on what to do after a long night of drinking – the hangover.

Of course none of them seems to work at the time but we try them anyway dba? If you ask me, it really depends on how hung over you are and factors such as what drinks, what activities and what time it ended.

As individuals, what works for some does not necessarily work for others. (Tama ba?)

So here’s a starter list with some basic explanations according to our team of tomadors:

  1. Lemon water – uuuuhhm.. (nobody reacted to this)
  2. Berocca – used to work but lately.. sort ah doesn’t
  3. Any silog – tapsilog, longsilog, bangsilog basta may silog
  4. Coke! They say sugar helps speed up metabolism that processes alcohol
  5. Ramen – we actually wrote about this. But it needs to be the spicy one that forces you to sweat, hence, out goes the alcohol
  6. Ginger – will never try this
  7. Lots of water – yup, most agreed on this one but I think it works best if you force yourself to drink lots of water before you even go to sleep after a night of drinking
  8. Eat anything oily – sisig?
  9. Drink some more alcohol – sundutin mo muna
  10. Our favorite – stay in bed, sleep it off

Again.. it might or might not work.  It’s up to you.  *Bro tap on the back*

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