Instant WARAK in 1 minute…

His last will and testament at 6:18… First taste at 7:39… WRECKED at 8:09! HAHAHAH

We found this video of a black dude willing to risk his life for the glory of the booze gods. He pours into a big mug, 15 shots of different hard alcohols; Jack Daniels, Malibu, Fireball, Jagermiester, Captain Morgan, Jameson, Ciroc, Absinthe and a bunch of other liquors we have no idea about. Up to the time na nagmukang tubig kanal na yung inumin nya. Dios mio!

And 3…2…1, he’s out! Watch the video and comment if you ever want to try this stunt! We would love to pay for all the drinks. Cheers!

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