Last Call: What will be your last Beer???

Isang truck ng Red Horse, para sa last beer ko for life!


Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, like a strong kick to your gonads, both excruciatingly painful and surprising. Imagine knowing the date of your death, when you need to check out of this world. With so much things to consider, allow us to throw you a fast ball, just to get things in proper perspective. What will be your last beer and how will it go?

We found this video of DickHunter, God knows why he choose that callsign, lets not dwell on the complexities of choosing the best name for your youtube channel. The guy loves food and beer based on his previous videos, petmalu kung umatake ng chibog tong si kuys and this time he takes on foodporn art of drinking beer. Downing 6 to 7 cans of beer in a span of seven minutes is never easy. Ang di namin ma-gets is kung bakit kailangan nyang haluin yung mga beer. Korean, Japanese, American and Chinese beers, tinalo pa si Madam Auring kung manghula about conflict in Asia. How can he appreciate the characteristic of each brew? He knocks down each mug full of beer like hitting a baseball with a bat… whack!

He should have recognized that the Philippines is in the middle of the mix, dapat hinalo din nya ang Red Horse para magkaalaman na. He ends the video with a stunner, because of health issues, this video was his last beer till his health improves. How about you, what will your last beer be and how’s it going to go down? Cheers!


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