Malakas Ba Talaga Uminom ang Pinay?

There’s no proper way to answer it, it really depends on what kind of lady you are with. And by that, we mean the type of booze she’s into.

We have encountered so many kinds of women who drinks and that you can’t seem to put them in one category. But we found some gems that might put to light to the question, Malakas ba talaga uminom ang Pinay?

The Whiskey Lady – Yup, this lady knows her liquor and the older the whiskey the stronger she handles it. Paired with cola, on the rocks, or tonic, these women you can’t mess with. Lalo na yung neat ang tirada. Ingat ka parekoy. Business like, serious, treat these ladies as if you’re dealing with a man.

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The Tequila Guzzler – This lady is the life of the party, she like to have fun and she lubricates her nights with that Mexican elixir. Now, don’t be fooled thinking that she’d yes to anything. These are cerebral women and what you thought was your ace in the hole is the same ace she’s holding. Wild is a nice word, if you’re not man enough don’t even bother, these ladies wont think twice to claw some sense into you.

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The Laid Back Beer Girl – Every man’s favorite lady, sexy without any effort, simple and uncomplicated. Sporty to a fault and can verbally assault you with sports facts, these ladies are any man’s dream girlfriend and wife. But their not a walk in the park. They can easily place you in a friend zone faster than Stephen Curry’s trey and you cant blame her, she needs a team mate not rookie player. So step up your game.

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The Cocktail Queen – Yes, they opt for these drinks because they like the taste. They don’t like the taste of bourbon and they don’t like the idea of beer belly.  Cocktails that look pretty and with great garnishes. If you think you have the upper-hand with these type of ladies, think twice. You burn your life savings first before you can tame a Queen.

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The Wine Goddess – Somewhat sophisticated and with a palate, these ladies know food pairings like the back of their hand. But easy now tiger, don’t get intimated with the facade they proudly wear, deep inside is still an animal who wants to have fun and it only needs a patient hunter and a worldly personality to snag this lady’s attention.

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