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Man’s Bestfriend has a new Brew…


Who needs annoying human friends when you can get buzzed with a true friend?

There’s always a good reason why they’re called Man’s Bestfriend. And these adds another notch on their belt.

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Dogs are for always more than pets to their human owners. They’re our bro, our buster, our hombre, our companion, and for even lovers for some. That’s why we always try our best to make them happy and contented. We buy them almost anything that could make them a little less as a dog but a little more like a human.

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So it was not a surprised that we discovered a beer for dogs. But its not actually a beer, which for us defeats the purpose of calling it a beer for dogs. It has a beer like bottle and label but again its not real beer since beer gets our furry friends sick and more gassy that they ought to be. So don’t fool yourself buying this not at all beer for dogs. If you must drink with the bros and a bro is not available. Give your bro dog some milk and drink your beer. That will always solve your fix without fooling yourself. Cheers!

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