Pano Mag-WALWAL without the CALORIES??! #MaintainAlindog

UNBELIEVABLE!!! Keep that sexy body but still get wasted! Mark 5:30…It WORKS!

We found this video of a guy that is on a strict diet but still wanted to get hammered. What he did is borderline genius and insanity, as he grabs the following items:

  • Bike Pump
  • Empty Plastic Container
  • Cork
  • Lots of types and kinds of alcohol

The genius about it, is that it works, instead of downing that alcohol he just extracts the spirit of the drink. What’s insane about it, is that he mixed all that spirits in one seating. He didn’t realize that smoking the spirit of the alcohol does not give you any clue how much intoxicated you are. Would you do it? Cheers!


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