PINOY PRIDE: Foreigner gets Destroyed in B- Pong (Bahalina Pong)

Not in our house, sir! We defend home turf like crazy!

We Filipinos are very competitive, may it be in the courts of our favorite sport or the tables of inuman. Hinde talaga tayo, nagpapatalo, and if you disagree then step up to the plate and we will also disagree against you.

We found this video of Sonny Side educating the rural areas of Argao, Cebu about the fine art of Beer Pong. To give some Filipino twist into the American drinking game, they used Bahalina, a stronger version of the Philippines’ Tuba (coconut wine). Not only was he destroyed on his game but the MVP of the match is one proud Cebuana! Notch that one up for women empowerment. And while the locals down glasses after glasses of the fermented brew, Mr. Side is just awed in the sidelines sipping.

Guess Mr. Side should stay more, learn more from us Filipinos and keep shooting his videos. One error on his part is, if you mix shooting balls and alcohol in a game, we Filipinos are not good at it… We freaking Lebron James up on this parts of Asia! And if you disagree, then we will disagree  against you. Cheers!

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