Plow, I think I’m in Love…

Siya na ba ang babae para sayo, Plow?


Not every one is blessed enough to find love, rarer still, to find that kind of love that last, ika nga nila forever and a day… Naks! That is why sometimes, its a bit hard to fathom why people (yes, hinde lang mga lalaki…) still cheat or ruin things for almost nothing.

Tama na ang hugot! We found this video of a strikingly beautiful lass doing the Ultimate Jager Bomb, and we are not short in amusement. She opens the bottle with a cracking sound, proving that it has not been tampered with. She then starts chugging that beast like a thirsty sailor in the middle of the desert from tip to bottom. Impressive! After which, she follows it with a can of Redbull, drinking it mexican bong style. Woohoa! Capping it all off with a dub!

It’s just a quick video, but it totally blew us away and took our admiration of women to higher level. It just sad that we wont know her name, aside for a nickname of “Girlie Watdafuk No”. Clearly, she aint Asian so her surname is not No. Hahaahah.. Cheers, Girlie, We love you!

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