Pork Sisig Recipe Food Hack

This is the first of a series of “pulutan hacks” and what better dish to start off with than the famous filipino pork sisig.


  • Can of sisig (We used Purefoods for this one – note that we are not official endorsers so kahit ano pwedey)
  • Half an onion (or whole kung trip nyo talaga, tadtarin)
  • Clove of garlic (minced)
  • One medium sized red bell pepper (chop it up)
  • One green chilli (chop it up and take out seeds to make it less spicy, bawas anghang)
  • Crushed chicharon / pork cracklings (‘kaw na bahala kung gano kadurog. kanya kanyang trip yan eh)

Time to cook!

  1. Heat oil in pan, put in garlic and onions (gisahin)
  2. Open canned sisig (this is the hack) and fry away
  3. Add bell pepper and green chillies
  4. Mix well and add chicharon aka pork cracklings
  5. Some seasoning
  6. Kalamansi and serve on the pan (hack it on the pan if you don’t have a sizzling plate) with seasoning and hot sauce available

Ta-da! Enjoy!

Food hack (means, meaning, definition) is a quick and easy method for cooking, enhancing and or preparing all-time favorite recipes.  Ingenious ways of using existing materials (for cooking, preparation) or ingredients such as instant or canned goods.

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