Pulutan Etiquette: HUWAG Ulamin

Cancel that extra rice, Repa! What is the Golden Ratio of Alak to Pulutan?

There is neither a better place nor time than having peace at the inuman table. It’s a mini celebration of sorts with the tropa and after grinding the whole week, it’s simply time to unwind to release the stress away. You ordered the Pulutan as you disregard your diet. Matagal ka na kasing walang cheat day pare!. With The smell coming out of the kitchen, you can almost taste the flavors in the air. Spicy, sweet, savory.. You say, “bahala na si Batman!”, because tonight, it’s one epic night in Warak City, baby!

Finally, dumating na ang pulutan. Teka lang, bakit may kanin, pare?!?

Respeto naman sa pulutan, mga dre! This is not a picnic in Luneta! Ano nga ba dapat ang “Golden Alak-to-Pulutan Ratio?”. Read up, and be enlightened!

If the tomar session has beer, pulutan should be tasted after your first bottle. This will activate your “bahay alak” self and allow the body to relax. After you down half of your second bottle, have another bite.. Allow the pulutan to incorporate itself into your palate, harmonizing with the bitter taste with the savory, spicy, greasy taste of the pulutan. Let the memories of past inumans come crashing in, as you say to yourself. “Yes, I’m home!”

Kapag hard drinks naman, pare,they are plainly straight forward. With hard drinks its simple but the sequencing is paramount. Shot, chaser, pulutan, REPEAT.  Taste the complexity of the smoky and dry after taste of your hard drink as it envelopes the pulutan and makes the experience memorable. Don’t you worry, pare, because the Golden Ratio will just allow you to consume what you need without impatso.

Thats it, pancit! Try the Golden Ratio in your next inuman-fest for a better inuman experience and savor world peace. Again, cancel that order of extra rice and say no to the “libreng sabaw” that comes with it. That’s the true galawang KungFu Master (Kung sa Fulutan, Master)!


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