You won’t believe that it’s not near any of the country’s Central Business Districts…

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Wine, due to the process and quality that goes into each bottle, comes more that usual with a hefty price. What goes best with wine are assorted array of cheese, cold cuts and fruits, both fresh and dried ones, these too are sometimes worth a leg and an arm. But not much so with this place we found in a recent important meeting in Laguna area.

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We stumbled into RaaG Wine and Deli by chance, looking for a place to dine and talk business. In business, its goes smoothly with a little help of lubrication, and this spot was just great for the purpose. Established a year ago, RaaG offers a wide selection of wines from the most popular French wines to the more exotic brands the world over. They also offer imported and local craft beers for beer enthusiasts.

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They’re cheese offerings are sufficient but what they lack in choices in cold cuts and fruits, they made up with great dishes from their kitchen. A must try is their pork chops and beef salpicao. Succulent and tender chops with a well balanced flavor that truly elevate your taste buds to pork heaven. Beef cubes that melts in your mouth while bursting in flavor in notes of savoriness and peppery goodness. We skip rice for their buttery dinner rolls that you could use to wipe all that richness off your plates.

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RaaG Wine and Deli is located at Brentville Mamplasan, Binan Laguna. It has a relaxing ambiance inside and offers a comfortable Al fresco set up surrounded with trees. Their staff was attentive and had initiative when it comes to our needs as if they’re mind readers. You may set reservations with them for your intimate parties or wine tasting by callingĀ 0933-102-8148. As an ending note, we believe that you can’t get wrong with a wine shop that has this printed in their walls… “The Best Wines Are The Ones You Drink With Friends”! Cheers!

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