Say Goodbye to Alcohol in 10 to 20 years…

…. and say HELLO to Alcosynth!

Love to drink alcohol but hate the effects of hangover? British Psychiatrist David Nutt is developing a new kind of alcohol alternative that does exactly that: hangover free booze!

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We found these videos discussing what could potential kill the alcohol industry in 10 to 20 years if its approved to pass the standard for human consumption. Alcosynth is deemed to reduced alcoholism. We support the noble  idea of reducing alcoholism but we don’t see this as a alcohol killer. Though most of the reason of drinking alcohol relates tipsiness, that lowering of inhibitions and for some a state of temporary amnesia in aid of personal problems, we strongly believe that those who like drinking beyond this reasoning shall continue to patronize a well made, balanced and aged liquor that didnt came out of a test tube. Kahit pa gaano nila kagaling gawin yang Alcosynth na yan, hinde pa rin nila matatalo ang lasa, flavor profile, richness and depth of an aged liqour that had been perfected for centuries of passionate perseverance for perfection. We always say here in Pulutan Club, Just Drink up and be Responsible. Cheers!

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