Soju – Yakult Bomb Recipe

Sana Oks din sa tiyan to!

Ewan ko ba kung bakit, but every time, after a binge drink the night before you wake up to a pissed off stomach waiting to explode just about the time you wake up. Like a sharp punch into the gut. And kahit itanggi nyo man o aminin, ito ang isa sa pinakabaho at pinaka panalong number 2 na trip na trip mong ilabas. Ano pa kaya kung may  Lactobacillus casei Shirota, Yakult?

These video we found is a Korean concoction, a tastier alternative to Sujo Bomb which uses beer but with this one, its your favorite probiotic  drink,  Yakult. Soju has delicate flavor that it is normally easy to infuse flavor to it. It has a smooth finish compared to the local lambanog or gin. This is a girly drink that may also get the fancy of young lads. Try it, its easy to make just watch the video. Cheers!

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