Start the New Year With a BANG(ngenge)

Petmalu cocktails para sa bagong taon? Werpa na mga tropa, this is the SH*T!!!

2018 is just around the corner, and what better way to welcome the New Year than sure fire cocktails to lit up the party like fireworks! At dito sa Pulutan Club, we got you mga lodi!

Tequila Slammer

We start with a simple but fun drink, using our Lil Bandito, Tequila! It has only two ingredients: one part tequila and one part chilled 7up or Sprite or Mountain Dew on a hard short glass.

The fun part is kung pano shoot tong drink na to. Cover the glass with your hand with tissue then slam the bottom end of the glass to mix the ingredients then shoot it all in one gulp.

Video by: SteveKi

Pinoy Starscrew

This is the pinoy version of matador and screw driver cocktail. Typically, matador uses tequila with pineapple juice while screwdrivers uses vodka with orange juice, our version uses rum.

The ingredients are: 500 ml rum, 500 ml pineapple juice (hindi uubra powder juice) 1 liter Sprite. Mix the rum and pineapple juice first in a large container, add the Sprite and dump lots of ice (crack ice or tube) then mix it again. Its a refreshing drink that wakes up your sleepy senses.

Kinutil sa Tuba

Here in Pulutan Club, we support native drinks and if you want to try an ancient Pilipino Cocktail Recipe, then you should try Kinutil sa Tuba.

The ingredients are: 1/2 gallon Tuba (coconut wine), Sikwate (tablea choco drink), 2 egg yokes, and Orange Soda (any sweet soda/drink would be okay, in the video they used condensed milk as sweetener). Mix them all together very well and viola! Check out the video below.

Video by: Kyle Jennermann



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