Sukatan ng TAMA… Anong Mas SULIT! (part 4)

Pasok ba sa listahan ang Paborito mo?

Kung amats lang din ang pag-uusapan, lahat ng alak pantay pantay naman, nagkakatalo lang sa presyo at panlasa at syempre sa dami ng kakayanin mong ipasok sa bahay alak mo. So in different price range, we put up two alcohols against each other, and determine, ano ang mas sulit? Cheers!

BUDGET: Above 1000 pesos (One Day Millionaire Level)

1 bottle Bacardi I51  (P1,200/bottle) vs 3 cases ng RH mucho (P83/bottle x 18) – This is an old classic matchup! Mabilis makawarak ang B151, pero mas masarap ang Red Horse. PANALO: RED HORSE

2 Jose Cuervo Tequila (P899/bottle) vs 1 litter Jack Daniels Whiskey (P1,400/bottle) – We think this is a battle between genders. As more women will choose Tequila over Men’s favorite whiskey. PANALO: Tequila, dun tayo sa mas gusto ng mga chicks.

1 liter Johnnie Walker P1,200/bottle) vs 4 buckets ng San Miguel Light (P300/bucket) – This is a battle between serious drinkers and playful drinkers. Whiskey is more of the seasoned drinkers with no nonsense vibe, beer is beer, your introduction to booze. PANALO: Johnnie Walker, its high time to refine your taste, young blood.


2 60 liter container of Bahalina (P100/liter) vs 2 cases of Emperador Lights (P117/bottle x 24) – Magpapainom si mayor, alin ang mananalo. The all natural Bahalina, matured Tuba is considered the drink of the Gods or the massively manufactured brandy of the masses, the number 1 brand in the Philippines. PANALO: Bahalina, its organic!







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